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Bar Redentor – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We spent our first morning walking around Ipanema and saw this cafe that was packed with locals.

What is better than eating where the locals eat?

It’s like a fast food place when you order the food at the bar…

didn’t know what each was food was.. so we just picked randomly…

sausage, roast pork and veggies.. the veggies tasted like the asian veggies!

adjacent to the cook food bar is the snacks bar for juice and empanada (pies)

ordered the juice+empanada set… soooo delicious! I had the sweetest guava juice (not from concentrate!) and the flakiest chicken empanada! I had too many hard non-tasty empanadas on the trip so this was a surprise.


Bar Redentor
Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 627

A day of Evita and football @ Buenos Aires, Argentina

We had a day full of Argentinian flavour…. Evita and football game!

Plaza Mayor with Casa Rosada in the background…. This is where Evita Perón, the former first lady of Argentina, made her famous speeches from the balcony to the crowds in the plaza….

I remember watching the Evita movie (starring Madonna) when I was a kid… so whenever I see any Evita references in Argentina.. I belted out the song “Don’t cry for me Argentina”!

After walking around the bohemian Palermo, we went into a random grocery store to buy lunch and ended up getting pies….. which we ate at the botanical gardens…

my spinach and egg pie…. really good…been skipping on my vegetables on this trip.. this more than makes up for it!  Lots and lots of spinach!

one of my friends had the ham and cheese pie

Since we were in the neighbourhood, I really wanted to visit the Evita Museum…..

The boys didn’t want to go because they were anxious to go to the FC River stadium to get football tickets.  We turned around to leave when this lady asked why we aren’t going inside. I told them about the boys and she sighed, shook her head and said something about how “boys will be boys.. always about football and not about history etc..”  I guess the boys were a bit embarrassed and they graciously allowed us to go for 15 minutes!

Unfortunately, we only spent 20 minutes at the museum because the boys were anxiously waiting outside… I wish I had more time to spend at the museum because Evita’s life was so interesting.  I’m happy to see that most of the museum visitors are women.. yay for feminism!

We ended up going to the the River Plate vs. Colon game and buying the tickets from scalpers for triple the price (60 USD!!!)!   This match was more rowdy… even before getting tickets!  When the bus of the opposing team’s fans drove by, people started hurling rocks and bottles towards the bus.. over our heads! We also saw someone holding onto his bleeding stomach (stabbed???).  There were also police wearing tactical gear and herding people!   Anyhoo.. it was worth the experience cause it was totally different from my Barça game experience.


McSorley’s Ale House – Hong Kong

Another 2-for-1 Soho Monday deal and this time, we tried McSorleys.

McSorley’s serves British pub food …so of course, we got the classics:

Beef & Guiness Pie…. flakey and buttery crust..

lots of thick cut beef.. but kind of tough..

fish and chips… the skin was kinda soggy…

brownie with vanilla ice-cream… weirdest tasting brownie ever.. it didn’t taste chocolately nor fudgy enough… and the vanilla ice-cream tasted like soy…

FAIM? un peu…

McSorley’s Ale House

55 Elgin Street, SOHO, Central

Tel: 2522 2646

Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe and Pie Shop – Vancouver

I pass by Aphrodite’s daily and there’s always people there.. from morning to late at night.  I’ve been dying to try their pie and I did.. and became hooked!

I’ve been so obsessed that once, I went twice in a day!

Here’s a compilation of what I had:

strawberry-rhubarb pie with ice cream… the strawberry was sour..and it really needed to be paired with the ice cream. I like how 1 order of ice cream came in 2 scoops! I love the pie crust.. so flakey!

summer special.. peach pie!

apple pie.. my nephew loves McD’s apple pie.. but he said this was better.  He’s a foodie in the making!

chocolate beet cake… very chocolate-y .. didn’t taste the beet


Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe and Pie Shop

3598 W 4th Ave  Vancouver, BC V6R 1N8
(604) 738-5879