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Hoon Kuang – Bangkok, Thailand

Well.. we did do some sightseeing before the eating.  We hiked up Wat Arun and saw this amazing view of the Chao Phraya River, Grand Palace and Wat Pho.

Afterwards, we took a taxi to Chinatown for lunch and snack-shopping.

I didn’t do any research beforehand so I didn’t know what was good in Chinatown.  We asked a shop lady and she recommended this restaurant a few blocks away.

We found her recommendation, Hoon Kuang, and I was surprised with all the articles written about this restaurant.

their signature dish, prawn curry flat rice noodle…. so delicious! the curry is the egg white curry..

crab fried rice..

3 different types of appetizers.. these were fried really well….

 sauteed morning glory

We stumbled into a gem! All the dishes tasted really good!


Hoon Kuang

Soi Yaowarat 10, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Phone:+66 83 845 0845

Somboon Seafood – Bangkok, Thailand

Please bear with me.. I’ve been way behind with the blog because of all the short trips I’ve taken since my last post… Shanghai, Japan, Thailand, Japan.  The perks of living in Hong Kong!

I went to Chiang Mai last month right in the middle of the coup.. but that will be a story for the later blog posts.  First,  I’ll be blogging about last Christmas’ trip to Bangkok.   We went during the beginning of the protests and we were already kinda iffy about the situation.  Since this was our 3rd time in BKK, we mainly focused on eating and didn’t see any protesters!

Our first dining stop was to Somboon Seafood, THE place for curry crab!

Somboon is so famous that there are reports about taxi drivers driving customers to a fake Somboon…. I made sure to google-mapped it before hand!  We went there around 6pm to avoid the lineup…

What we ordered:curry crab! I normally don’t like curry (spicy!) but this was amazing!  Perfect mix of egg white and curry.. so the spice was mild enough. The curry had coconut in it.. so it was rather sweet and creamy.  I normally don’t eat rice but I ate a whole bowl with multiple spoonfuls of curry! So delicious! The crab was more of an afterthought.. but still good.

panfried pomfret with soysauce..

sauteed prawns and vermicelli….

sauteed morning glory

oyster omelette…  this was so good! the oysters were so fresh and juicy!

We loved Somboon so much that we came back on our last night to have curry crab again!


Somboon Seafood

Address: Bang Rak, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร Thailand; 169,169/7-12 Surawong Rd., Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Phone:+66 2 233 3104

Iguazu Falls – Argentina / Brazil

From Buenos Aires, we flew to Puerto Iguazú.  We only had 28 hours to see the Iguazu falls from both countries.  We went straight from the airport to the Argentinian side of the falls, left our backpacks at the entrance, and spent the day being in awe of the beauty of one of the world’s New Seven Wonders of the World.

The view from the Argentinian side…  we were so close to the falls that we got all wet!

That afternoon, we took a bus from the falls to the city center, then switched to a cross-border bus which took us to Brazil!  We went to the Cataratas JL Shopping Mall for currency exchange and had dinner at the food court.  It’s like the food court in North America… cause it has Asian Wok!

I’ve never been that excited to see Asian food, let alone mediocre unauthentic Asian fast food.. but since all I’ve been eating is chicken and pizza, this is a wonderful surprise! While my friends were walking around the food court to look at options, I gravitated towards the Asian WOK. I picked fried noodles, sauteed beef and vegetables and fried rice.  This was a ripoff at $8 USD! Even though it tasted pretty bad, I was beyond happy to find Asian food and was extremely satisfied!

The next morning, we went to the Brazilian side of the falls.  The views were breathtaking……. Never have I ever seen such grand waterfalls scenes.  It’s was worth flying there just to see the falls for a day!


Cataratas JL Shopping Mall in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Regal Court 富豪軒 @ Regal Kowloon Hotel – Hong Kong

Since my brother is visiting HK, we had a extended-family dinner at Regal Court.

from upper left corner clockwise:                                                                                           soup of the day; fried beef brisket; BBQ  pork & suckling pig; sweet and sour pork

veggies with salt-cured egg & century old egg; braised fried tofu; tea roasted chicken, sauteed morning glory with shrimp paste

fried noodles; fried rice; fruit plate; pudding

There were also complimentary dessert soup: almond tea with egg white, walnut and red bean.

My favourite dish was the tea roasted chicken… the chicken was so tender and there was such a strong tea taste and aroma!


Regal Court   富豪軒  @ Regal Kowloon Hotel 

2/F, Regal Kowloon Hotel, 71 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: (852) 2313 8681

Kung Lee 公利 – Hong Kong

Kung Lee is an old-school Chinese herbal/dessert joint famous for their sugar-cane dessert.

I wanted to try the sugar-cane pudding but it was all sold out 😦

We ended up getting the sugar-cane juice and it tasted real…not like the artificially sweetened sugar-cane juice from Hui Lau San.  Kung Lee’s sugar-cane juice wasn’t overly sweet and there’s a slight hint of grassiness.

I also tried their Tortoise Jelly Pudding(龜苓膏), a Chinese herbal dessert made with powdered shell of a tortoise and other herbal products. Supposedly, eating this would improve your skin complexion and and get rid of “hot air.” I’ve tried the Hui Lau San version (which didn’t taste herb-y and was very watery) but this was was quite herb-y and tasted a lot better (texture wise too).


Kung Lee  公利

60 Hollywood Road