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Butter Baked Goods – Vancouver

Last time, my cousin bought me cupcakes from Butter Baked Goods ( and this time, I returned the kindness and bought her Butter Baked Goods’ famous cookie sandwiches!

it’s my first time going into the shop!

i really like the interior decor… very English country-cottage style!

I bought the Oreo Cookie (2 big chocolate cookies with vanilla buttercream) and the Peanut Butter Sandwich (2 big peanut butter cookies with peanut butter filling).  The sandwiches were GIGANTIC! actual sandwiches sizes no kidding! I only had a quarter of each and was STUFFED TO THE MAX! It’s soo buttery and sweet! I like the Peanut Butter Sandwich more because it was so peanuty and I can just buy a regular oreo…


Butter Baked Goods

4321 Dunbar St
Vancouver, BC V6S 2G2

(604) 221-4333