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Tong Kee 堂記腸粉專門店 – Hong Kong

After our failed attempt to go to Tong Kee last month, we succeeded this time around!

photo credit: openrice

Tong Kee is famous for its made-to-order rice rolls!  There’s usually a really long wait because it takes more than 20 minutes to make an order of rice roll!  As you can see, there’re hardly any tables so we got there right at 7pm (when it opens)!

Top L: rice roll with fish slice, shrimp and parsley                                                                Top R: rice roll with pig liver and duck                                                                        Bottom L: rice roll with beef and shrimp                                                                      Bottom right: rice roll with preserved sausage

My favourite rice rolls would be the fish+shrimp and pig liver+duck ones because other restaurants don’t have this combination.  The fish was very soft and the shrimp was large and bouncy.. this combination, along with the parsley, made this rice roll very fresh and “light.”  The duck liver was chewy (but not too hard) and the duck had a really strong flavour.  Most importantly, the rice roll was very thin and soft.. it practically melts in your mouth!

I like! Yummy rice rolls and cheap price! $71HKD for 4 rice rolls!


Tong Kee 堂記腸粉專門店
26 Man Wui Street, Jordan
Tel: 2710 7950


Chung King BBQ Restaurant 重慶燒燒烤專門店 – Hong Kong

My foodie aunt wanted to take me to try this famous street stall/dai pai dong for rice rolls but when we got there, it was still closed because of Chinese New Year.  So instead, we went to Chung King BBQ Restaurant… apparently, this restaurant started the bbq skewer restaurant fad…

grilled egg plant and grilled prawn

1st row: grilled veggie, grilled ox tongue, scallops in sake 2nd row:  grilled bacon wrapped tomato, grilled chicken cartilage, grilled chicken wings 3rd row: grilled eel, grilled onion, grilled pineapple

notable dishes: grilled prawns, grilled eggplant, grilled veggie, grilled eel, grilled onion, and grilled pineapple!

I love frozen pineapple but grilling it is better because all the water from the pineapple is evaporated, making it really sweet!

the grilled ox -tongue’s texture wasn’t that good cause it wasn’t “bouncy enough”…

It was slightly expensive for a bbq place.. it came to around $410+… but nevertheless, the food was really good and I was stuffed!   Thanks Aunt L!!


Chung King BBQ Restaurant   重慶燒燒烤專門店

20 Man Ying Street, Jordan, Hong Kong

Lo Chiu Vietnamese Restaurant 老趙越南餐廳 – Hong Kong

After going to Vietnam, my parents and I were craving to eat authentic Vietnamese food and somehow, they ended up mentioning Lo Chiu.  Lo Chiu has been at Jordan for more than 20 years and it’s so authentic that my parents’ friend, a Vietnamese immigrant, ate there regularly.

I dragged my friends (again) on an eating adventure! Even though I’m a walking GPS, I didn’t know where Lo Chiu was because it’s not near the Jordan MTR station.  We ended up meeting at Elements and walked to the restaurant.  Apparently, the area is quite sketchy.. o! the places I go for food!

We ordered:

beef and chicken satay… i love love love love this sauce! it’s so thick and peanuty! It’s different from the Malaysian/Singaporean/Thai satays because the meat is sliced thinner and the sauce is drizzled onto the skewers instead of having to dip.

chicken salad… has a hint of chili oil .. pretty good

chicken curry…it smelled really fragrant! I didn’t have a lot because it was quite spicy but my friends really liked it and said the taste was really strong (and with a lot of coconut)

garlic bread…very garlic-y and crispy!

crab cake… consisting of crab, fish meat, fungus, bean sprouts and parsley? I like! The different tastes blended together and the texture was very bouncy.

I really like Lo Chiu and next time, I have to try my mom’s favourite mixed noodles!


Lo Chiu Vietnamese Restaurant   老趙越南餐廳

25-27 Man Yuen Street, Jordan, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2384 2143 / 2384 4029

Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant 金山海鮮酒家 – Hong Kong

my friends and i decided to celebrate a friend’s birthday with a seafood dinner.. so off we go to Kam Shan! Apparently, this restaurant is famous because they serve delicious seafood at a very reasonable price!

unfortunately, there were quite a few people who got food poisoning from shellfish, so we decided not to eat shellfish…

but we still ordered the stir-fried giant razor clams with black bean sauce! haha.. the clams were very sweet! usually i eat the small razor clams.. but now i like the large ones cause there’s more to eat!

deep fried mantis shrimp.. yummm.. but the shrimp could be meater..

“western-styled pork chops”.. delicious sweet sauce which goes well with rice and the pork chops were tender!

sautéed oysters in clay pot….the oysters tasted like fresh (i think it was frozen???) and juicy!

pan-fried fresh fish with vegetables…omg.. usually when i have this dish.. the restaurants usually give you crappy quality fish.. but not at kam shan! it’s from the fresh “swimming” fish from the tanks outside the restaurant!

sautéed vegetables with anchovies.. yummy anchovies.. and it wasn’t too salty!

kam shan is NOT-OVERATED! great food and great prices!


Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant 金山海鮮酒家

66 Woosung Street, Jordan, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2332 7366