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Eating in Menton, France and a stop in Monaco

One of the anticipated highlights of this trip was Menton, a colourful beach side town next to the Italian border.

Menton is famous for lemons and I found a bakery that is famous for their lemon tart.the espresso in France is slightly more expensive than Italy… by .5-.8 euros…

lemon tart!!!! nothing too special…

croissant with almonds…

 coffee eclair…. I like the white chocolate spoon on top… don’t know it’s function but at least it’s edible!

For lunch, I found a crêperie that is highly ranked on Tripadvisor.such a club-like decor……

My friend and I ordered two crêpes to share…crêpe complet (egg, ham and cheese)….

Crêpe flambée… they were too generous with the rum…..

After lunch, we took the train to Monaco….Monte Carlo!!! so glitzy!


F Leroy La Cigale

27 Avenue Carnot, Menton, France

Fleur de Sel

 2 Rue du Vieux Collège, 06500 Menton, France