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譚點 點心 – Hong Kong

Kowloon City is becoming a foodie paradise! First, there’s Thai, Vietnamese and Islamic food; then there’s dessert shops and now, dim sum specialty restaurants. My aunt took me to 譚點 點心 to try their fusion dimsum.

We went on a Saturday and there was a short line up.

Ha gaos (shrimp dumplings)… nothing really special.. except it only comes in twos..

shrimp rice rolls … the skin was thick …it doesn’t seem like that from the pictures, but it is…

pork lung soup… very tasty… to the point I think there’s MSG added to it…

mini wasabi shrimp burger…. the shrimp batter was a bit too thick…. but it’s inventive..

pan-fried glutinous rice.. this was pretty good.. flavourful and the rice wasn’t soggy..

sesame balls filled with runny egg yolk.. pretty interesting combination… but I still prefer the sesame filling..

boot jai go (red bean pudding)… too sweet!

The dim sum served here is inventive but it’s lacking the quality.  Also, it’s a bit pricey considering the location and the food served (it came out to $150 for 2)… Tim Ho Wan is cheaper!


譚點 點心

29 Nam Kok Road, Kowloon City


Pâtisserie Tony Wong – Hong Kong

I’ve passed by Pâtisserie Tony Wong a couple times before but haven’t actually set foot in it.  A lot of my friends really like his cakes but I wasn’t really eager to fork out $40 for a piece of cake.  With $40, I can get a piece of cake at the famous hotels in Central.

Nevertheless, I ended up going to Tony’s this weekend.  I was about to go to Tony’s other venture, Smile, for some yogurt but I’ve already had his expensive yogurt (@55HKD) a couple times already.. so this time.. I’ll try his cake.

I got the (L) One two tea and (R) Pinky cakes.  The One two tea is an earl-grey tea cake.. very light and not too sweet.  The Pinky is a rose-flavoured cake…. but unfortunately, the rose flavour wasn’t strong at all.

I’m still kind of iffy about spending $40 for Tony’s cake cause the cake didn’t really “wow” me at first bite (nor the later bites).  I have yet to try his famous “rose cake”.. so I’ll give my final verdict later!

O yea.. I saw Tony at the store but he wasn’t friendly at all.  He didn’t smile, let alone chat with his customers.. completely different from Thomas Haas, who managed to charm all the (female) customers at his store!


Pâtisserie Tony Wong

74 Fok Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Tel: 2382 6639

Smile Yogurt & Dessert Bar – Hong Kong

After the rice roll dinner, my foodie aunt decided to take me to Kowloon City for dessert.. the night turned out to be a foodie journey!

Smile is opened by Tony Wong (of Patisserie Tony Wong), who’s famous for his artisan cakes… but I have yet to try it…

We opted to sit at the dessert bar and have our dessert prepared on the spot! My aunt has been here a couple times and had seen Tony make the dessert personally; unfortunately, Tony made an appearance as we were leaving.  Also, the dessert offered at the bar is not available for take-away at the yogurt counter.

Dear Meringue (fresh fruit Pavola with Floating Island)… I love Pavola and this version was really good!  The meringue outer shell was very crispy! The creamy interior was sweet but the sweetness was balanced out  by the slightly sour passion fruit sauce! Another ball of meringue was floating on a pool of white chocolate sauce, which I used to dip the fruits in!

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate (Manjari Chocolate and Raspberry Dome with White Chocolate ice-cream and Warm Chocolate Milk) …. The chocolate dome was very rich, yet not overly sweet, and with a hint of fruitiness.  The ice-cream had a strong white-chocolate taste and could balance out the bitterness of the cake. The cup of chocolate milk was so rich, it tasted like melted chocolate! Yumm!

The cakes are so artistically presented (and delicious),it could give the high-end hotels and restaurants a run for their money! It was  so worth the $88HKD + 10% service charge.  I also wanted to try the yogurt but we decided to buy the yogurt takeaway because it is $10HKD cheaper than eating it at the bar!

The Garden yogurt (from the bottom,  strawberry meringue, yogurt,home-made crumbs, yogurt,  lychee rose sauce, yogurt, and topped with osmanthus jelly, passion fruit twister crunch and home-made raspberry pocky) .. … This yogurt was $45!! This is a lot more expensive than your standard $28-$30 cup of regular-sized yogurt.. but this was so worth it!  The ingredients used are top-notch quality and are not available at other fro-yo shops. The yogurt is presented artistically, with centrepieces of crisp & pocky and the yogurt is intertwined between the ingredients.  This cup of yogurt is a piece of edible art!


Smile Yogurt & Dessert Bar

65 Lion Rock Road, Kowloon City

Tel: (852) 2382 6669

Ruamjai Thai Restaurant 同心泰國菜館 – Hong Kong

this is another thai restaurant which i also frequent in kowloon city..

they have my favourite:

white/black glutinous rice topped with coconut milk and paired with mangoes… it’s like mini bangkok.. except cheaper.. and smaller portioned

grilled pork cheek…this version has more fat.. so more elastic…

fried prawn cake…very bouncy!

noodles with duck and other random stuff…… the soup base is really good! which makes the whole dish delicious!

but their satays aren’t as good as mini bangkok’s cause the meat’s not as tender..


Ruamjai Thai Restaurant 同心泰國菜館

G/F,11-13,Tak Ku Ling Road,Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2716 4588

Mini Bangkok 小曼谷泰國美食 – Hong Kong

when my friends and i go to kowloon city, we would usually eat at 3 different places.. yes… 3 places! Islam Food, Mini Bangkok and a dessert place… and this is only for lunch!

we start of at Islam Food so by the time we get to Mini Bangkok, we are slightly full already… the reasons why we come here are:

grilled pork cheeks! my friend just told me why pork cheek is so good, it’s because it’s half fat/half meat.. o’s totally worth it… unlike regular pork meat, pork cheeks have a very springy texture! yumm! and the sauce used to marinate it is delicious… semi sweet.. semi salty..

satays!… yes.. the satay looks a bit weird cause we pieced that 3 different kinds of satay together after realizing i hadn’t taken a picture yet! from L – R: mushroom, chicken and beef.. they marinated it with tasty sauce and grilled it to a point of perfection (very tender)!

white/black glutinous rice topped with coconut milk and paired with mangoes…. this is heavenly! the rice hot,  mangoes sweet, coconut milk very milky.. yumm.. wonderful mixture of taste and textures!

more dessert! coconut pudding and green jelly! i really like the coconut pudding cause it was very coconutty!

and their fried clams are excellent! humongous clams!


Mini Bangkok 小曼谷泰國美食

No. 8-10 Nam Kok Rd., Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2716 7828

Islam Food 清真牛肉館 – Hong Kong

Kowloon City is one of my favourite food districts in Hong Kong cause it has all sorts of different cuisines… and one of the best (and one of my fav) restaurant is Islam Food 清真牛肉館… even though i’m from vancouver where it’s so multicultural, i haven’t once had islamic food.. and a puzzling question… why does islamic food taste so much like shanghainese?

first up.. the dish to order.. Veal Goulash aka. pan fried beef  bun 牛肉餅…  this is sorta like the shanghainese sheng jian bao cause there’s lots of juice inside the bun..but the bun is different..sorta pastry like..

anyways.. this veal goulash is AMAZING… the bun is pan fried until golden brown and slighlty crispy.. you take a bite.. and the juice oozes out..and the meat is very tender and juicy… DELICIOUS!

fried spring onion cake….the cake is made with the same bun material as the veal goulash! so it’s equally crispy!

chicken, cucumbers and noodles mixed with sesame sauce 雞絲拉皮….this is sooo good, the different food textures and especially the sauce, makes this dish very unique and delicious…

sesame oil chicken… the sesame oil really makes this dish pop with flavour! and the chicken isn’t quite shabby either!

beef dumplings… once again, great beef filling and the soup they use is very aromatic and tasty!

plain vegetables noodles… the noodles were chewy but the taste of this soup is a bit lighter

minced beef with pickled cabbage, served with sesame buns…i like! the sesame buns were flaky and crispy! and the meat mixed with the pickled cabbage was very tasty!

deep fried souffle balls with mashed red bean filling… had to wait a while cause they make it when you order.. so it arrives hot and uber soft!

you understand why i absolutely love this place? and thanks to my cousins/aunts who succumb to my desire of having a veal goulash (and thus having to rendezvous at islam food!)


Islam Food 清真牛肉館

1 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2382 2822

Fong Wing Kee Hot Pot Restaurant 方榮記沙嗲牛肉專家 – Hong Kong

my cousin originally wanted to go to tsim sha tsui for dinner.. but with the opening ceremony for the east asian games..we would rather stay away from the crowds..but since it’s sorta cold in hk’s perfect for hot pot!!

we went to Fong Wing Kee Hot Pot Restaurant (方榮記沙嗲牛肉專家) in kowloon city and it’s quite famous for their beef..

the beef cubes were better than their famous “hand cut” beef slices because it was more juicy..but be careful… it takes way longer for the cubes to cook cause its so thick… because i’m impatient when it comes to hotpotting, there were a couple times when the beef cubes weren’t fully cooked and i had to put it back into the pot to recook it…

the fried fish skin was really good.. even when i dipped it into the soup.. it wasn’t too soggy..and it didn’t taste fishy..

apparently, their satay soup base (the pot on the right) is really famous..and my cousin really likes it.. but i like sticking to my regular soup base (which has the dried fish and gave it flavour)

the dumplings were really good..i don’t kno what dumpling skin they used.. but it taste better than other dumplings.. o.. and the prawns were really fresh…we ordered too much food!! and had to doggypack it…we didn’t even finish the beef nor started the fish and meat balls..


Fong Wing Kee Hot Pot Restaurant 方榮記沙嗲牛肉專家

85-87, Hau Wong Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2382 1788