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Zabb E Lee Thai Cooking School – Chiang Mai, Thailand

When in Thailand, you have to take a class at a cooking school!  We picked Zabb E Lee Thai Cooking School because it had great reviews on Trip Advisor and it was a very good choice.

They didn’t have a class planned for the Sunday but opened one just for us!

The ingredients were all prepped for us but we still have to grind our own peppers for the curry!

Our finished product: tom yum soup….

pad thai…..  this is the real deal! authentic pad thai shouldn’t be too orange-y in colour or be ketchup-y.  The slight orange tint is from the tamarind paste.

fish curry…. We get to pick what curry to make so I picked this.  I first had this in Bangkok, and wanted to re-create this.

papaya salad

I felt like a real chef when cooking this but when I tried to make the pad thai at home but couldn’t re-create this taste.  It’s probably because we don’t have the fresh ingredients.


Zabb E Lee Thai Cooking School

Address: 6 Moo 8 Sriphoome Soi 8 Sriphoome, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
Phone Number: +(66)93 267 9572

Lemongrass – Chiang Mai, Thailand

The hotel recommended Lemongrass for dinner and it’s quite touristy ….

We ordered:

sauteed morning glory

tom yum soup….

pad thai…..

fried rice….

After diner, we went back to the hotel because Thailand was under military rule… It was fine… look how happy the soldiers were!



Loi Kroh Road (200 meters pass Royal Lanna Hotel towards the river)

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Huen Phen – Chiang Mai

I went on a short getaway to Chiang Mai with my friends but only have time to blog now.  I’ve been to Thailand a few times but every time it was to Bangkok. This was my first time in Chiang Mai and I liked the slower pace feel to it.

Our first meal was lunch at Huen Phen.  Huen Phen, during lunch, is cafeteria- style while at night, it is restaurant-style. It serves Northern Thai / Lanna cuisine, which is different from the curries/pad thai seen in Bangkok.

you point to whatever you want and the food is delivered to your table..

grilled pork

pomelo salad.. this was sooooooooo spicy!

 Northern Thai sausage… a bit spicy but had flavours of coriander and lemongrass…

Khao Soi….a Burmese-inspired dish… boiled egg noodles in curry coconut soup, topped with fried egg noodles and condiments..

condiments that goes with Khao Suai…


Wat Chedi Luang.. a few blocks away from Huen Phen..


Huen Phen

112 Thanon Rachamankha

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Maenam – Vancouver

This summer trip back home was filled with lots of new food discoveries! Apparently there’s a Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants ranking so I tried to eat my way through the list!

First restaurant I tried was Maenam, a modern Thai restaurant that is ranked number 26.

I pass by it almost everyday and never noticed it!

The setting is very non-Asian….

handmade roti / mussaman beef curry / banana blossom salad with toasted sesame, fried shallots, tamarind and palm sugar dressing)… The roti was buttery and light but not too crispy.  The curry wasn’t spicy and the beef brisket was tender.  The highlight was the salad with the light and sweet dressing… so different from other salad dressings.  We were so impressed with the dishes that came that I forgot to take pictures of the pad thai and stir-fry vegetables.  The pad thai was authentic and didn’t have the westernized ketchup-y flavour.

For dessert, I ordered coconut tapioca dessert.. it was normal…..

I was impressed with Maenam at first but other than the pad thai and salad, everything else was so-so compared to what is offered from a traditional Thai restaurant (and at a fraction of the price!)



1938 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5, Canada
+1 604-730-5579


Baan Klang Nam 1 – Bangkok, Thailand

The highlight meal of this trip was seafood dinner at Baan Klang Nam.

I was extremely psyched because I read really good reviews about this restaurant.  A few taxis didn’t want to drive us there because it’s located out of touristy central Bangkok.  The taxi driver that drove us there didn’t seem to know the location.. so I kept showing him screencapped google maps!  The restaurant is so famous that there’s another branch down the road.. but obviously, I wanted to try “1”.

We made a reservation and found our name on the board.

so many celebrities! I spot Keanu Reeve and Jay Chou!

The restaurant, situated next to the river, gives off a very relaxing atmosphere..

I just went pointing and pointing at the menu and ordered so much!

steamed curry with crab meat…..  I learnt how to make this a couple months later when I went to Chiang Mai.

steamed scallops

pan-fried pomfret..

minced pork wrapped with rice flour

sauteed morning glory..

fried shrimp cake

curry crab… not as good as Somboon.. this has less egg white and less coconut..

tom yum kong.. mom said it was really good..

mango sticky rice….

taro in coconut milk..


Baan Klang Nam 1

Address: 288 Ban Klang Nam Alley, Bang Khlo, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Phone:+66 2 292 0175