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Bengawan Solo – Singapore

so i’m at the airport now.. waiting for my flight..and pigged out on wonton noodles, ramen, fruits and ice-cream… yummm

anyways.. since we’re sorta on the topic of airports… when i was in singapore last foodie aunt told me to buy some kind of green cake for her at the singapore airport…

it was kinda weird asking the airport staff where i could buy “green cake” but nevertheless.. they told me where to find that shop.. and it’s called Bengawan Solo…

et voila!!!! the “green cake”!! it’s actually called the pandan chiffon cake..

it’s yummy and fluffy!

eek.. my flight’s boarding soon! update later!

anyways.. the cake is flavored with the juice of Pandanus amaryllifolius leaves.. and the chlorophyll is what makes the cake green (credit wiki)..


Bengawan Solo

Changi Airport Terminal 2, Singapore