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Enchanted Garden Restaurant @ Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel – Hong Kong

My aunt held her birthday dinner at Disneyland Hotel’s Enchanted Garden Restaurant.  Her grandson wanted to have a birthday bash with the Disney characters but it wouldn’t be his birthday until next year.. so his grandma’s birthday would have to do!

My inner child had such a great time and clapped with glee with all the Disney references! All the major Disney characters came around and I took pictures with them all! The last time I ate with Disney characters was at Disney World when I was 7.. I feel kind of old now! I went the week before Halloween so there were Halloween decorations all around.

They only had one Mickey Mouse cake that night and I had to honour of cutting it!

I didn’t eat a lot…well… I tried all the dessert and..


and lobsters!

A lot of people there were celebrating their birthdays… A Disney character came with the cake and sang/took pictures with the whole group.  I had a great time but it costs 500+ HKD per person and for the same price, I could have buffet at an expensive hotel!


Enchanted Garden Restaurant @ Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel 

1/F, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3510 6000