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Chan Hon Kee 陳漢記 – Hong Kong

To conclude my foodie weekend, my cousin and her family took me to Tai Po!

My cousin found this place on openrice and it’s ranked #2 in Tai Po.

This place is famous for their rice rolls.  The 炸両 (doughnut wrapped with rice roll) was disappointing because the doughnut was wasn’t crispy and tough.  We also ordered the plain rice rolls, shrimps rice rolls, BBQ pork rice rolls and pork liver rice rolls.  The rice rolls were thin but not as thin as Tong Kee, a bit bigger and wasn’t as chewy.  Although there’s more filling here, the quality of ingredients weren’t as good as Tong Kee.

crab congee…. The congee had so much crab flavour and was so sweet! The congee base here is really good.  The consistency is perfect:  thin and the rice is cooked until only a tiny bit of rice particle is left.

We also ordered two more congees.  I’m not a congee fan but I had several bowls today!

deep-fried wontons

fish-skin dumplings with noodles

tomato pork chop rice… my niece (a somewhat picky eater) really liked this!


Chan Hon Kee 陳漢記

No. 91B Wan Tau Street, Tai Po, Hong Kong

Sun Kee 新記餐廳

my foodie aunt wanted to take me to Star Cafe but it’s closed on Sunday… so we ended up going to Sun Kee.  2 summers ago, my foodie aunt took my brother and I to the Sun Kee Wanchai branch but that branch has since closed.

Sun Kee is famous for the hk-version of mac-and-cheese.. which is instant  noodles mixed with a thick cheese sauce!!!!!!! A lot of hk celebrities ate at Sun Kee, so their pictures are plastered all over the walls!

cheesy instant noodles with grilled pork cheeks…. the grilled pork cheeks were very chewy and tasty! i guess the reason why I can tolerate and like this dish (considering i don’t like cheese) is because the cheese isn’t strong enough.. for cheese lovers, this dish might be considered too bland…

my aunt ordered the spicy beef rice with egg… she really liked it.. but it was too spicy for my liking!


Sun Kee   新記餐廳

Shop 13-14, G/F, 16-20 Kimberly Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: (852) 2722 4555.

Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei 大利來記咖啡室 – Macau

macau is also very famous for their pork chop bun and the best place for this is Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei (大利來記咖啡室)!  it’s a street side stall right by the main road of Taipa (which, by the way, has a lot of great food finds!)

the pork chop bun starts selling at 3pm (until sold out) and there’s a huge lineup.. and when i was lining up, there was this guy who budged and people started arguing! thank goodness he cut the line behind me! anyways.. so after the long wait…

tada! THE pork chop bun! the bun was very crispy and chewy (yay!) but the pork wasn’t that tender.. plus, it was slightly spicy… so i didn’t really like it.. and the bun was sauce-less..  i prefer the pork chop bun at Sing Heung Yuen… with the tender pork and mayo!  but my relatives really liked it.. and so does everyone else..


Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei 大利來記咖啡室

Rua Direita Carlos Eugenio, Taipa, Macau


Mido Cafe 美都餐室 – Hong Kong friend and i continued the hk style cafe journey.. and our next stop was Mido..

it’s been around for a very long time..more than 50 years..and apparently.. it hasn’t changed the interior.thus, it retains the retro feel.. with the green tiles.. and ceiling fans.. plus! a lot of movies and tv shows were filmed here!

we ordered the baked pork chop rice…but cause the presentation gave us a shock (doesn’t it look sloppy?).. we didn’t expect much ..tastewise… BUT!! after one spoonful of the rice..i fell in love…the rice was fried first with eggs..and the tomato sauce was really tasty.. i think it’s the best baked pork chop rice sauce… and the pork was really tender…

apparently.. i order the wrong dish cause my foodie aunt said that their baked spareribs rice is the most famous.. o well. next time…

for dessert… we ordered

peanut butter condensed milk toast.. yummm


Mido Cafe 美都餐室

63, Temple Street,
Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

Sing Heung Yuen 勝香園 – Hong Kong

i told my aunt, who’s a foodie also, about going to Lan Fong Yuen.. and she said that Sing Hing Yuen’s is cheaper and the food is better…

since it was on my “to-try -HK-cafe” list.. i decided to go to Sing Heung Yuen (勝香園) asap!!!!

but don’t go on a saturday!!!!!! the line up was uber long.. till the end of the block… and the wait was more than half an hour…

yep! it’s a dai pai dong again! but this one is famous for their tomato soup instant noodles…

this gourmet instant noodles has real tomatoes in the soup!!! and it doesn’t taste like it’s made with just ketchup….and you can choose the toppings you want… (eggs, chicken wings, beef, pork chop)..

crispy pork bun… this is WAY BETTER THAN THE ONES IN MACAU… it’s tender and the sauce is just perfect..

i’m already stuffed.. but there is one more thing to order…

crispy bun with condensed milk and lime!!!! it’s sour and sweet at the same time!! perfect ending to this meal!!

by the way… this cafe is famous for their 7-up with salt and lime bits…..

and i think this is better than Lan Fong Yuen.. go check the 2 out and see for yourself!!


Sing Heung Yuen 勝香園

No.2 Shop Mee Lun Street, Central, Hong Kong