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Parisian Boulangeries & Pâtisseries Version 2

This is another post about Parisian Boulangeries and Pâtisseries (Version 1 is here) and it’s about all the carbs I ate in Paris!

There’s nothing really opened on a public holiday night.. even Carre-Four was closed. We ended up grabbing some dinner at a bakery…

quiche from a random bakery…. soggy soggy soggy


There’s also a boulangerie near our apartment that won Best Baguette in 2013 and decided to give it a try…

I can’t possibly eat a baguette for breakfast but I can eat sweets haha!pistachio eclair

pain au chocolat….

Coincidentally, when I went to visit Notre Dame, there was the Fête du pain( Bread Festival) in the courtyard.Inside the tent, there were demonstrations of bread making and freshly baked goodies on sale…

I went on two separate days and tried… baked apple tart?????

baguette with nutella! 

 breakfast with a view!

Another new find on this trip was the Pâtisserie  Pain de Sucre in the Marais.Tentation (raspberry and pistachio tart)…… it was very pretty and tasted as good as it looks…

Because it was so good, I bought another cake to eat later by the banks of the river..Bollywood (pineapple mousse infused with cilantro, pistachio cake base, candied pineapple core)….the prettiest bridge in Paris, Pont Alexander III

One of my favourite places to go is the gourmet floor of department stores.  I went to Galleries Lafayette again and even thought there’s so much variety to choose from, I only bought sweets.pistachio mousse tart…..

There’s also a counter that specializes in gourmet éclairs…Vanille noix de pécans….. I love the crunchy pecans on top as it gives the normally soft éclair a crunchy texture…

Passion chocolat laitthis éclair had a very strong passion fruit taste.. which gave this a bit of a kick!


pistachio macaron from Ladurée ….

Venezuela macaron from La Maison du chocolat…….

salted caramel macaron from Pain de Sucre



24 rue St. Martin, 75004

Pain de Sucre

14 rue Rambuteau, 75003

Lafayette Gourmet

35 bd Haussmann, ground floor and lower ground floor of Lafayette Maison and Gourme


La Maison du Chocolat


Soirette Macarons & Tea – Vancouver

My god sister and her fiance gave me a box of macarons for Christmas!

IMG_7685She read my blog and found out about my love of macarons… so sweet!

IMG_7684Apart from the regular flavours such as pistacho, chocolate, passion fruit, and vanilla, there were holiday flavours too!… Mint Chocolate, Spiced Chai, Earl Grey Cassis, Mango Black Pepper, Jasmine Cocoa Nib, White Truffle & Pink Himalayan Salt, Amandine, Pineapple & Wasabi..

The macarons are all nicely shaped but there weren’t enough filling.  Also, the flavours are innovative but unfortunately, I couldn’t differentiate between them… all the macarons tasted the same!

FAIM? non non..

Soirette Macarons & Tea

Ladurée – Paris, France

Ladurée is the epitome of French sweets and has been around since 1862.  It’s one of the most famous makers of macarons!!!

We went to the original store at Rue Royale…the store’s kinda pretentious.. no photos of the sweets nor the display were allowed…

We bought some macarons and pastry to try…

The famous green Ladurée bag!

loved the presentation!

my dad’s not a big fan of macaron so he got a chocolate cake instead (the Plaisir sucré)…. he said it was one of the best he’s ever had! extremely rich and smooth.. with a crisp pastry bottom…. but this was kind of expensive.. at 7 euros!

We got 5 macarons to try (rose, chocolate, caramel with salted butter, pistachio). The macarons were crisp, light and didn’t taste artificial.. but I would have preferred more inventive flavours (like Pierre Hermé)… and they charged extra for a box (Pierre didn’t!)

The Champs-Elysées outlet was under renovation so they had a temporary pop up store on the sidewalk.  We were in Paris during the few days when it was the hottest in 90 years (39 degrees Celsius) and the pop-up store had to close since the macarons and pastries would have melted in the heat!  On our last morning, it was back in business so we got some breakfast.

more pretty boxes…

Mont-blanc….. so pretty!  loved the chestnut “spaghetti” and the meringue base..

150 anniversary July special: Butteryfly.…. Previously, I had a really not-so-good one at Paul Lafayete so I was kind of iffy when I chose this.. but this turned out to be SO SO SO GOOD!  The macaron was crispy and the strawberries were fresh.. love this!

both my dad and brother got the Plaisir sucré again.. it’s that good!

Ladurée is opening a shop in Hong Kong.. so excited!!!!



16 Rue Royale, Paris
01 42 60 21 79

75 Champs-Elysées, Paris
01 40 75 08 75


Pierre Hermé – Paris, France

The me from 7 years ago didn’t know what macarons were and didn’t eat them when in France.. but now, I know better and had to try them in Paris!

On the top of my to-eat-macaron list was Pierre Hermé, so we went on a foodie pilgrimage to his first Parisian boutique on Rue Bonaparte.  His macarons are considered by many as the best in Paris and is famous for it’s unique flavours (which also changes every few months).

Apart from macarons, he also has couture pastries….

a “designer macaron box” for “designer macarons!

Excuse me for the bad quality of this photo.. it was the hottest day in Paris and I wanted to take this picture as quickly as possible so I can start eating!

Side note.. there weren’t any countertops/chairs to sit and enjoy the baked goodies so we headed across the street to Place Saint Sulpice, where there are benches.  I really wanted to try the pastries but it would just be real messy to eat it on a bench…

Anyhoo.. the macarons were sooo delicious that we bought another box to bring back to Vancouver!

There.. a clearer picture!

This year, his collection of 10 macarons is titled « Les Jardins » and each macaron will be offered for a period limited to one month…. so exclusive!

From L-R, the different macaron flavours:

Medelice (lemon & flakey hazelnut praline)

Mosaic (pistachio, ceylon cinnamon & morello cherries)

Infiniment rose (rose & rose petal)

Infiniment Jasmin (jasmine flower & jasmine tea)

Infiniment caramel (salted-butter caramel)

Infiniment Chocolat Porcelana (pure origin Venezuela porcelana dark chocolate)

Mogador (milk chocolate & passion fruit)

I love Pierre Hermé macarons! The outer shell is crispy and light, while the filling is so flavourful and soft.  The flavours and pairing are so unique when compared to other pastry shops.  It’s slightly expensive at 1.95 Euros but oh so worth it!  Soooo good! I’m salivating from blogging about this!


Pierre Hermé

72 rue Bonaparte, Paris
01 43 54 47 77


Thierry – Vancouver

Knowing I have a sweet tooth, my family friend (and avid reader of this blog) brought over some Thierry sweets! I’ve been dying to try Thierry but never managed to pop by the patisserie in downtown.

a box of 7 macarons…unfortunately, the macarons were hard and too sweet..

chocolate trio (white, milk and dark chocolate mousse + chocolate sponge)

lime mousse (lime mousse + raspberry linzer+ white sponge)….

The cakes were also a bit too sweet…..

Thanks Auntie H and Uncle S!

FAIM? un peu…


1059 Alberni Street  Vancouver, BC V6Z 2V6

Tel: (604) 608-6870