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Beta 5 – Vancouver

I was a bit indulgent on my trip back and kept finding more sweets to eat.

 I hunted down  Beta 5 (it’s tucked somewhere on Industrial Ave) to try the famous cream puff, ice-cream sandwich (summer special) and chocolates.

Blueberry and cheesecake ice cream with blueberry compote on a graham cookie…  This is gourmet ice-cream sandwich! Very strong blueberry and cheesecake taste.  Love the graham cookie!

Raspberry and jasmine tea ice-cream on lemon shortbread cookie….. I actually preferred this ice-cream more.. very light!

raspberry earl grey cream puff….. the cream puff is like a very flaky and crispy croissant.  Look at all the cream!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a cream puff with that much / many layers of cream before!

My friend bought be a box of their signature collection chocolates for my birthday.Fisherman’s Friend, the Whole Cherry, Bay Leaf, Tropical Crunch, Imperial Stout, Jasmine Tea, Caramelized Banana and more…. the flavours were all interesting but my favourite would be the Bay Leaf.. it actually tasted very leafy and herby…

Beta 5

413 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2P3, Canada
+1 604-669-3336


Rain or Shine Icecream – Vancouver

I felt like I was betraying Earnest by going to try Rain or Shine! I’ve seen such long lineup at their 4th Ave store that I decided to stray!

I passed by the Cambie store and there wasn’t a lineup!

salted caramel and london fog…. unfortunately, this was just too sweet and the london fog flavour was a bit too fake.  They also charged $1 extra for the cone! what?!!!!!!!!!

FAIM? un peu…

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

3382 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W5, Canada
+1 604-876-9986

Addicted to Earnest!

There’s a new Earnest on Quebec Street! It’s a lot closer to me than the Fraser store so I went 4 times in the short time I was back…. I’m a tad too addicted!

Today’s seriously good flavours…

Serious chocolate / blueberry lemon ice-cream… the chocolate was rather normal… but I loved the pairing of blueberry and lemon…

Toasted coconut / 33 Acres of Malt……….

We ended up buying 4 more pints to bring home!: toasted coconut / matcha / whiskey hazelnut / London fog….

It was a bit disappointing that during the time I was back the flavours didn’t change……. I wanted to try Matchstick flavour! I ended up getting the same old flavours and didn’t take any more pics…


Earnest Ice-Cream

1829 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V5T 4S6, Canada
+1 778-379-0697

Beaucoup Bakery & Café – Vancouver

My friend has been raving about Beaucoup Bakery for a while and bought some goodies for me to try!

counterclockwise from top left:  Apple tart / passion fruit tart / kouign amman / croissant / salted chocolate rosemary cookie….

The apple tart was really interesting because it’s apple puree set on top of custard. The passion fruit tart, however, was a bit too sour.  Also, the custard of both tarts were a bit too liquidy.. I don’t know if it’s because the weather was really hot that day……

The kouign amman were ok.. but not as flaky as Dominique Ansel….

The salted chocolate rosemary cookie was an inventive combination but the rosemary was a tad too strong…

chocolate almond croissant….

love the croissants! It’s on par with Thomas Haas!


Beaucoup Bakery & Café

2150 Fir Street, Vancouver, BC V6J 3B5
+1 604-732-4222

Yolk’s – Vancouver

I think I brunched too much this trip back.. yet I still had to try Yolk’s, a food truck that became so famous, they opened a restaurant.

Bacon Eggs Benedict with truffle lemon hash brown instead of English muffin…. This was different only because of the added truffle lemon flavour onto the potatoes.  I was a tad disappointed that it was potato wedges and not actually hash brown…

chicken and waffles…. not really into chicken but the waffles and the maple syrup sauce was pretty good….



1298 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 1S6, Canada
+1 604-428-9655

Flying Pig – Vancouver

I was actually looking forward to trying the brunch at Flying Pig.  I tried dinner in their Yaletown location last year and was pretty decent.  This brunch, however, was disappointing in so many ways.  The server we had was disengaging and was only enthusiastic when trying to get us to order more drinks and side dishes…………..

The rest of the family ordered cappuccino and it wasn’t brought out immediately because our server was drinking his morning cocktail…… strike one.

I ordered the organic fruit smoothie with expectations (because it was 5 CAD).  I was appalled to see that they were spooning the smoothie from a pre-made batch.  It was NOT what I had in mind for an organic smoothie….strike 2.  Look how small the glass of smoothie was…. To make it worse, after they gave me my smoothie, the servers at the bar were adding more juice from a carton to the pre-made batch… and then tasting it!!!!  So I guess my glass of smoothie wasn’t properly made….

the only decent thing at the brunch was this crispy hashbrown..

French toast with maple blueberry compote….. looks better than it tastes…

Pulled pork 4 cheese rigatoni….. bro said it was meh….

Hash special with pork and beans….. nothing special about this….. just chunks of unflavourful pork with potato wedges…..

smoked salmon benedict….. the smallest portion of salmon ever… and I’ve been to a lot of brunches… and see how watery the hollandaise sauce was….

strike three and the flying pig is out….  really, I don’t think I’d ever be returning……

FAIM? non non…

The Flying Pig

127 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1B8, Canada
+1 604-569-1111

Acme Cafe – Vancouver

When I was back in Van last year, Acme Cafe was pretty popular.  I tried their famous baked eggs benedict and didn’t find it to be too special.  I decided to give it another try this time……

I ordered the breakfast parfait (layers of yogurt, honey, homemade granola and fresh fruit with cinnamon toast) and this was the WORST parfait ever! The yogurt was extremely watery to the point I was worried I would get sick after…..

my friend ordered the mac n cheese which was ok but the salad was soggy…..My other friend ordered the turkey sandwich with chips.… it was average..

I don’t think I would be returning to Acme any time soon……..

FAIM? non non…

Acme Cafe

51 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G4, Canada
+1 604-569-1022