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Red Wagon Cafe – Vancouver

I’ve heard so much about the breakfast/brunch spot, The Red Wagon, and I was determined to try it this trip back.  It also appeared on Food Network’s Triple D show!

There’s always a pile of people standing outside.. and bro photobombed the pic again…

cappuccino…disappointed at the lack of coffee art….

Super Trucker (2 eggs, 2 pulled pork pancakes, crisp pork belly, homefries, toast) and JD-spiked syrup (for an extra $2.75!)

This is the plate that has most of Red Wagon’s famed items: pulled pork pancakes and pork belly! Pulled pork pancake is the fad right now (Fable also has it)…. but this is better because of the Jack Daniel spiked syrup… I’ll spike all my maple syrup at home! The pancake is fluffy and the pulled pork has a strong BBQ flavour.  The pork belly is crispy and contains the right amount of fat vs. meat.  Love it!

crisp pork belly (2 eggs, confit pork belly, griddled tomatoes, salsa verde, hollandaise, homefries, toast)….

so good.. got a extra side of the crispy pork belly…..

I love how Vancouver has so many breakfast spots and they’re all different.  Red Wagon is definitely on my to-go-again list.


Red Wagon Cafe

2296 E Hastings St  Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 1V4
(604) 568-4565


Tomahawk Restaurant – Vancouver

After a grueling hike up and down the Chief at Squamish.. we decided to hold onto our hunger and come back out to the city of lunch.  Why? because of Tomahawk!  Tomahawk appeared on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

The restaurant has a native-american theme.. it even has a totem pole outside!  I snapped this photo before rudely being told that I can’t take photos inside.. what?????

Salisbury steak (organic ground Certified Angus Beef flavoured with our signature blend of herbs and spices, and topped with sliced sautéed mushrooms in a rich beef gravy. Served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables…….it was ok..the steak was tough.. kind of expensive for a diner @ $16

Steak and mushroom pie (certified Angus Beef steak pieces and sautéed mushrooms together in a thick, tasty, beef gravy and surrounded by a flaky pastry shell. Served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables)… the pie was flakey but the steak was kind of tough again…

Tomahawk style beef dip (slow-roasted organic Baron of Beef, shaved on a toasted French baguette. Served with our homemade zesty au jus)… pretty good… I kept dipping the sandwich into the sauce!

Yorkshire pudding.. apparently they showed how to make this on the show.. but this could be more fluffier…

good but not amazing… overhyped..


Tomahawk Restaurant

1550 Philip Ave  North Vancouver, BC V7P 2V8
(604) 988-2612