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Per Kg buffet – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One really great dining option that is everywhere in Rio is per kg buffet.  You can pick whatever you want at the buffet and is charged per kg… this is perfect for small eaters like me!

We chose Grill Inn because it also is has a churrascaira station.  Brazil is famous for  meat cooked in Churrasco style.. aka BBQ.  The meat is barbecued in a big skewer and you can request for cuts in any thickness.

Apart from the BBQ meats, there are also other hot dishes, pastas and salads.  There’s also sushi, but the price per kg is more expensive. The average price is R$ 3.50 – R$4.00 per 100 grams ($1.5 CAD).

We liked putting our receipts in order of price… and each time, the biggest eater turned out to be a surprise! But I’m always the 2nd lightest eater!

We ended up having 3 buffet meals cause we really like the variety of the food offered and how economical it was.  They should have more of these per kg buffets in North America and Asia because people waste less food if they have to pay by weight.


Grill Inn Churrascaria

Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana | 1182 lj B – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22070-012,Brazil

+55 (0) 21 2247 3993
Castelo Gourmet
R. do Carmo, 38 – Centro, Rio de Janeiro, 20011-020, Brasil ‎

 +55 21 2517-3586 ‎
Restaurante Temperarte
Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana – 1250, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 +55 21 2267-1149

Boteco da Praça – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From Santa Teresa, we cabbed back to Lapa for dinner and nightlife.

We wandered around and found this restaurant which served feijoada, Brazil’s national dish.

Feijoada is a slow-cooked stew made up of black beans and pork.

It came with rice, veggies, fried pork skin and some yellow bread crumb powder?

The fried pork skin tasted exactly like the Chinese version!  IMO, the bean stew was a tad too spicy.. while the meat was too tough…

ordered the national “pop”.. didn’t really like the taste…

FAIM? un peu..!!!

Boteco da Praça

Rua Imp. Leopoldina, 8 loja A

Tel: 2221-3413

Copacabana Posto 5 restaurant – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For our last destination, Rio de Janeiro, we decided to ball it up and stay at a penthouse at Copacabana beach!  Actually, we stayed in a tiny room in Marta’s 3 storied penthouse……

nighttime view of Copacabana beach…

We didn’t get settled in till really late and we were extremely hungry at this point.  We ended up going to a restaurant across the street on Avenida Atlântica.. right by the beach!

 garlic bread..

baked lasagna

spaghetti carbonara.. kinda watery.. but it had thick bacon bits

caipirinha… This is Brazil’s national cocktail and it’s made of sugar-cane hard liquor, lime and sugar.  It was really really really strong!


Copacabana Posto 5 restaurant on Avenida Atlântica and Rua Francisco

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil