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Lemongrass – Chiang Mai, Thailand

The hotel recommended Lemongrass for dinner and it’s quite touristy ….

We ordered:

sauteed morning glory

tom yum soup….

pad thai…..

fried rice….

After diner, we went back to the hotel because Thailand was under military rule… It was fine… look how happy the soldiers were!



Loi Kroh Road (200 meters pass Royal Lanna Hotel towards the river)

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Eating in Arles – France

We planned a day trip to Arles and Nîmes and to make use of the day, we arrived in Arles before 8:20am.  It was a bad plan as we arrived too early! The sun wasn’t fully out yet so it was really really cold… and nothing was opened before 10am….

We ended up killing time by first having breakfast at a cafe that had a big sign saying crêpe……it was one of the worse nutella crêpe on this trip… the crêpe was pre-made and was reheated in the microwave……… I was so disappointed with this cafe that we decided to have coffee across the street. By the time we finished coffee at about 10am, the sun was finally out!

the famous UNESCO Roman-era Arena…

passed by a boulangerie and couldn’t resist getting a strawberry millefeuille…


Boulangerie Soulier

66 Rue de la Republique, Arles, France

Shake Shack – New York City

Shake Shack is another item on my to-try list in New York.  I’ve seen so many Instagram photos and blog posts about it.  So for dinner the first night, before watching The Phantom of the Opera, we ate at Shake Shack’s location on 8th Ave.

There were sooooo many people, long lineup and not enough seats.

there’s a beeper that lights up when your food is ready….

We ordered:

Shack Burger (cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce)…. this was so yummmmmy.  The bread is the same as any fast food joint but it’s the meat and ShackSauce that sets it apart.  The meat was juicy and tender, and on top of that, the ShackSauce made it even juicier.

Smoke Shack (Cheeseburger topped with all-natural applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper and ShackSauce)….

fries.. average.. not too crispy..

black and white shake (vanilla and fudge)… this was too sweet for my liking… if it weren’t that sweet, I would have liked it…  very thick..

Because the burger was so good, we had to have it again before we left.  This time, we went to the original shack at Madison Square Park.

I read about the 45 minutes line at lunch, so we went right when it opened… and there was a line (a short one)!

This time, I took pictures of closeup:

Shack Burger… Kinda small burger.. but o so delicious!

Smoke Shack .. all the meaty goodness..

fries… looks kinda soggy…

strawberry shake…we mentioned that we didn’t like Black and White cause it was so sweet… so they suggested we try strawberry… this was less sweet.. but again, it too was overly sweet.

I suggest to go to Shake Shack just for their Shack burgers…. not the shakes.


 Shake Shack

Madison Square Park

8th Ave (closest to Times Square and Theatre District)

691 8th Ave, New York, NY 10036, United States
+1 646-435-0135

Má Pêche – New York City

Apart from the Milk Bar, I also want to eat something else of David Chang’s.  All the Momofuku restaurants are in the East Village except Má Pêche.  Its location in Midtown West is perfect for a pre-show meal…we ate here before going to Wicked.

Má Pêche is a fusion dim-sum restaurant but the decor is nothing like your typical Chinese dim-sum restaurant.  It’s set up more as a contemporary western restaurant.

Like a Chinese restaurant, the servers push carts around the restaurant for people to pick their choice.  I didn’t like Má Pêche’s cart-rolling method.  It was kind of unsanitary because none of the dishes are covered.  The servers basically spray their saliva all over the dishes because they explain each dish to each table.  Also, with no covers, the hot dishes were served warm.

 watermelon salad ( slices of watermelon with egg salad, cucumber, and fried chicken skin in between)……. another inventive dish with watermelon. Like Rose’s, $13 for watermelon and potato.. not really worth it..

Momofuku’s famous pork bun…. It was pretty good.. but kind of messy to eat with because the pork is too big for the bun and keep sliding out…

soft-shell crab bun.. this was kinda spicy but it’s unique… never had this anywhere

 lobster fried rice… this was our favourite dish as the lobster made the fried rice very fragrant. We ordered 2 of this!

Was a bit disappointed by this meal…. pricey for what you get (80+USD for a few dimsum choices.. and we weren’t even full)

O! and this doesn’t really work for a pre-show meal.  The dimsum carts move around so slow and each cart only have a few dishes.  By the time it went to a few tables, the choices you want are gone… and then you have to wait for another cart.

FAIM? un peu….!!

Má Pêche

15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019, United States
Phone:+1 212-757-5878

McSorley’s Ale House – Hong Kong

Another 2-for-1 Soho Monday deal and this time, we tried McSorleys.

McSorley’s serves British pub food …so of course, we got the classics:

Beef & Guiness Pie…. flakey and buttery crust..

lots of thick cut beef.. but kind of tough..

fish and chips… the skin was kinda soggy…

brownie with vanilla ice-cream… weirdest tasting brownie ever.. it didn’t taste chocolately nor fudgy enough… and the vanilla ice-cream tasted like soy…

FAIM? un peu…

McSorley’s Ale House

55 Elgin Street, SOHO, Central

Tel: 2522 2646