Mussel Inn – Edinburgh, Scotland

Found the best seafood restaurant in Edinburgh! It’s so good that I ate there three nights in a row!

The seafood are mostly all from Scotland so it’s really fresh.

These Scottish oysters are soooooooo sweet! I haven’t seen / tried these anywhere else yet….

probably the most filling seafood chowder ever…. it had CHUNKS of fish.

Surf and Turf .. not really liking the steak….

Mussels!!!!!!  I became famous at the restaurant because I first ate dinner with my friends…. then immediately after, I ate another meal with my family, at the next table! The staff was shocked that I could eat another kg of mussels….. he has never seen anyone eat so many mussels before!

Hot Seafood Platter (scallops, tiger prawns and mussels poached in seafood sauce topped with grilled sea bass fillet and crème fraiche)……

Shellfish Pasta (Mussels, tiger prawns,  scallops and fettuccini in a shellfish bisque)….

scallop risotto….

This was my best restaurant find in Edinburgh.  Mussel Inn has fresh seafood for an affordable price!


Mussel Inn Seafood Restaurant

61-65 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 2NH, UK

+44 843 289 2481

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