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Peaceful Restaurant – Vancouver

I don’t have Food Network channel in HK and haven’t had the time to read food, I missed the explosion of Peaceful restaurant into the Vancouver dining scene.  Only when my BFF mentioned that Peaceful is highly rated on food sites that I’ve only taken notice.  Apparently, it became famous after appearing on Food Network’s DinersDriveins and Dives.  For some odd reason, when my friends and I meet up for a meal, we almost never pick Chinese restaurants…. so Peaceful’s an exception!  There’s an insane lineup at the door.. almost unheard of in Vancouver..It’s really interesting to note we were the only Asian patrons in the entire restaurant!

photo 2 (52)Beef rolls… the best beef rolls ever because of all the versions I’ve tried, this was the only one with a crispy skin!

photo 1 (52)pan fried pork buns… not enough soup sauce inside and the buns were a bit soggy..

photo 3 (44)Dan Dan noodles… we asked for it to be mild but it was still very spicy!

photo 4 (38)Snow green soup noodles with pork…we chose the knife-cut noodles… nothing special…

Only the beef rolls are good… the rest are average..


Peaceful Restaurant

532 W Broadway #110, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E9
Tel: (604) 879-9878

Spring Deer 鹿鳴春飯店 – Hong Kong

I’ve been dying to try Spring Deer, an old-school restaurant famous for their Peking duck.  It’s so hard to make a reservation because you have to reserve more than a week in advance (which I failed multiple times) so this time, I made a reservation 2 weeks in advance and got a 7pm sitting!

My parents used to come here often (more than 20 years ago).. but they somehow never took us us here….

appetizers…. peanuts and pickled veggies

sauteed crab meat with egg white… of the best renditions of this dish.. the texture of the egg white was so smooth..

pan-fried shrimp…

vegetarian duck…. very flavourful!!

cabbage, ham and vermicelli  soup

Peking duck done in 2 ways….1st way with duck slices and pancake… The duck slice has more meat attached to the skin than normal and the star of this dish was the pancake. The pancake, although thicker, was so soft.. even when it cooled!

lettuce wrap…. 2nd way with minced duck and lettuce

red bean pancake

We loved the food so much that we also went to lunch 2 weeks later! Lunch is quite a steal cause they have a selection of dishes for 48HKD and it comes with a bowl of rice. Apart from the Peking duck (in 2 styles),  we also ordered the following $48 dishes:

braised cabbage

Szechuan green beans

chicken, cucumbers and noodles mixed with sesame sauce …

braised duck feet…

braised eggplant, pork and edamame beans….

Spring Deer is my new fav restaurant in town!!!  It’ll probably be my new lunch spot cause the waiter said that lunching here is a better deal than eating at night!


Spring Deer 鹿鳴春飯店

1/F, 42 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: (852) 2366 4012 / 2366 5839