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Katte Shabushabu 勝手 – Hong Kong

Dad and I went to Katte Shabu Shabu for lunch since I was craving for shabu shabu!!

The place is really tiny, with only 18 bar seats!

Dad and I both ordered the the Shabu Shabu Executive Lunch set ($138)…

yumm! the set includes: grilled edamame, Japanese Wagyu Beef and US beef, vegetables, tofu, mushroom, enoki and udon..

and 1 skewer ($40 and below)..

grilled quail egg wrapped with Japanese pork

grilled roe fish

either dessert or soft drink.. taro mochi!!!!

There are different soup bases to choose from but we tried the famous clear red snapper soup. I love the soup: very sweet and not that fishy.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much difference between the Wagyu and US beef.  The grilled skewers were pretty delicious and well marinated.

I’ll definitely come back again for the soup! On an other note, the owner of Katte is really young!


Katte Shabushabu 勝手

5 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay

Tel:(852) 2577 2628

Fong Wing Kee Hot Pot Restaurant 方榮記沙嗲牛肉專家 – Hong Kong

my cousin originally wanted to go to tsim sha tsui for dinner.. but with the opening ceremony for the east asian games..we would rather stay away from the crowds..but since it’s sorta cold in hk’s perfect for hot pot!!

we went to Fong Wing Kee Hot Pot Restaurant (方榮記沙嗲牛肉專家) in kowloon city and it’s quite famous for their beef..

the beef cubes were better than their famous “hand cut” beef slices because it was more juicy..but be careful… it takes way longer for the cubes to cook cause its so thick… because i’m impatient when it comes to hotpotting, there were a couple times when the beef cubes weren’t fully cooked and i had to put it back into the pot to recook it…

the fried fish skin was really good.. even when i dipped it into the soup.. it wasn’t too soggy..and it didn’t taste fishy..

apparently, their satay soup base (the pot on the right) is really famous..and my cousin really likes it.. but i like sticking to my regular soup base (which has the dried fish and gave it flavour)

the dumplings were really good..i don’t kno what dumpling skin they used.. but it taste better than other dumplings.. o.. and the prawns were really fresh…we ordered too much food!! and had to doggypack it…we didn’t even finish the beef nor started the fish and meat balls..


Fong Wing Kee Hot Pot Restaurant 方榮記沙嗲牛肉專家

85-87, Hau Wong Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2382 1788