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Brooks Farming 山澗農莊 – Fan Ling, Hong Kong

My foodie aunt wanted to treat me to my belated birthday dinner and told me to meet her at Fan Ling’s MTR station.  I was intrigued! Fan Ling is in the rural part of Hong Kong and for my aunt to pick such a faraway place for dinner, that place must be good!

My aunt made a reservation at Brooks Farming   山澗農莊, a private kitchen in a village 20 minutes away from Fan Ling’s MTR station.  This was my first time in a village and the environment is completely different from urban Hong Kong: there were mountains, fields, and village houses (村屋).

Brook’s Farming grows its own vegetables and fruits (above: peppers, eggplants, mint and bananas).  However, this isn’t “in-season” yet so we couldn’t pick our own vegetables.

Gado Gado… I had this dish in Bali! It’s cucumbers with peanut sauce. This sauce was really good but it was different than the sauce in Bali.  This version is less peanut-y and seems like it has added a bit of “seafood sauce.”

tom yum goong… My aunt told tell that I couldn’t eat spicy foods so they toned down the spiciness of this soup.  The soup was a bit spicy but I could handle it. Without the spiciness, I don’t think the soup would have tasted as good.  Yumm! The soup tasted sweet, sour and spicy at the same time!

beef brisket with pineapple and baby corn… the beef brisket was tender but this was too spicy for me! The baby corn is larger than those found in frozen Green Giant blends, and this was a lot sweeter and actually tastes like corn.

chicken wings.. this was well marinated

green beans with fish patty.. the fish patty was different from normal fish patties because this was chewy.  The chef said that this was pure fish meat with no other additions.

fish with coconut sauce.. the fish meat was kind of tough but the sauce was very coconut-y!

pear and lemongrass dessert soup… this was very refreshing! Perfect for cooling down after a spicy meal!

Thanks Aunt L for treating me to such a delicious meal!


Brooks Farming   山澗農莊

San Uk Tsai, Tan Chuk Hang (粉嶺丹竹坑新屋仔 ), Fanling, Hong Kong
Tel: 2674 2220 / 9586 3967


Da Ping Huo 大平伙 – Hong Kong

last week, we were planning a birthday dinner for 2 of our friends and my friend suggested we try Da Ping Huo (大平伙), a Szechuan private kitchen..

i was kinda iffy about it cause I don’t eat spicy food but to add to my gastronomic adventures, I had to keep an open mind (and taste buds)…

the interior was very stylish.. the minimalist industrial chic type… and had a lot of contemporary art on the walls ..

we got there around 9ish and i was hungry!

appetizer!  szechuan salad???? it was a little bit spicy

another appetizer.. cucumbers with sweet and sour sauce.. yay! a non-spicy dish and it was refreshing.. (they serve alternate dishes of spicy and non-spicy and the dishes increase in spicy levels!)

last appetizer! jelly noodles with chili and soy nuts…this wasn’t really spicy cause and i only had the noodle..

saliva chicken? kou shui ji?  it’s chicken with peanuts..despite its name.. this is really good! i think it’s one of my favourite dishes of the night! it wasn’t spicy at all! the chicken was tender and had this really sweet taste to it!

chicken vegetable soup? even though i just had it last night.. i kinda forgot what i had :~ not that it’s forgettable… the taste’s unforgettable.. it was soothing for my tastebuds… and very flavourful

braised chilli beef brisket…i think it’s supposed to be really spicy.. but i took the piece that wasn’t immersed in the spicy sauce.. so i could still eat it (with a lot of rice).. the brisket was really really tender

prawns! not spicy!! fresh!

Mapo dofu.. this was the spiciest dish of the night.. look at how red it is! i only had a tiny bit of the tofu and it was soooo hot… i felt like a dragon…

glutinous rice with ribs and yam..interesting combination (the ribs were covered with glutinous rice) and the yam was really sweet.. not spicy!

vegetable soup… perfect to cool off the fire in my mouth..very qing (clear) and soothing

dumplings.. looks may be deceiving.. this is not spicy! the sauce is quite nice..

tofu tapioca -like dessert… served chilled… perfect ending to the rather spicy dinner!

and after dinner, the chef’/owner came out to give an opera performance! no kidding! she  sang a chinese song and was really good…i thought the glasses would shatter..

i’m glad that i tried Da Ping Huo … even though i couldn’t really stomach the chilli and appreciate the spiciness, i thought the non-spicy dishes were delicious and inventive!


Da Ping Huo 大平伙

L/G, Hilltop Plaza

49 Hollywood Rd., Central

Tel: (852) 2559 1317