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Café Kör – Budapest, Hungary

another restaurant that is worth trying is Cafe Kör…

Cafe Kör is one of the more popular restaurants on the pest’s a charming little bistro near St. Stephen’s again… it has this homey feel to it.. with rustic tables.. white tablecloths..and orange walls.. and their daily specials are written on a piece of paper and hung on the wall..

fried noodles… doesn’t it look like chow mein? dad loved this dish cause it reminded him of chinese food (which he had been so deprived of during the trip)..

duck breast steak with tangerine sauce and fragrant rice…. love love love this dish! the duck was tender and juicy and didn’t have the gamey the duck was fresh!! … and although i only like fruit by itself (not in dessert… or part of anything in general)…i really like the fruit sauce.. it brings the dish into a whole new level of experience…

another entree with fruit sauce….once again.. the fruit really brought out of the taste of the fish…

cake with chocolate sauce…. it wasn’t as good as the chocolate souffle we had at Mokka…

i don’t have pictures…but their goulash is also good (it was my first time I tried an authentic goulash and this version got me hooked)..but i think the goulash i had in prague was even better.. anyways.. Café Kör’s a really good choice…the service is good..the waiters speak english… the food is excellent.. and the price is reasonable..

FAIM? oui oui!!

Café Kör

17 Sas Utca.,Budapest

Tel: 36-1/311-0053

Mokka Cafe and Restaurant – Budapest, Hungary

so.. i was flipping through a magazine today.. and it had an article about budapest..

and it reminded me about some nice restaurants i ate at in budapest..

the four seasons concierge recommended a couple of restaurants and we decided to try  Mokka Cafe and Restaurant.. it’s near the hotel and had great reviews..  apparently.. it’s one of the few restaurants recommended by Michelin guide..and it’s a fusion restaurant of international and hungarian dishes…

the interior is quite stylish and modern with inspiration from african and asian styles…

we started with the tapas patter… which we had to choose a minimum of 6 different tapas.. we chose the goose liver crème brûléechilli tuna spreadwasabi prawn tempurabeef tenderloin sausagespring roll..and some other…

grilled chicken…juicy and tender

thai spring chicken… sweet.. i like the sauce.. and the meat was really tender..

grilled said it was really good cause there weren’t any fishy taste.. and it was really soft..

o and their chocolate soufflé with ice cream is to die for… i don’t think i had a souffle better than this… it was that good.. we even reordered!!

Mokka was a good choice..even though it was rather expensive…it’s worth to try the interesting combination of different cuisines.. and after dinner.. it’s nice to take a walk since it’s so close to St. Stephen’s Bascillica..


Mokka Cafe and Restaurant

V. Sas u. 4, Budapest, Hungary

Tel: 00-36-1-328-0081