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Loaf On 六福菜館- Hong Kong

my aunt likes to go to sai kung for seafood (well.. because my grandma likes it)… and we would buy seafood from the sai kung pier, bring it to the restaurant and have it cooked…

somehow, my aunt  found Loaf On (how did 六福 become loaf on???) .. it’s really a hidden gem.. cause it’s tucked in one of the side streets.. not a street where a tourist would venture on…

i haven’t been to loaf on since october.. so the first thing i noticed when i arrived was the Michelin poster on the window…apparently, loaf on received 1 Michelin star for 2010!!!!!! omg! i do have an eye for good food! haha anyways…onto the food!

panfried mantis shrimp aka. the “peeing shrimp” (拉 尿 蝦) …..the mantis shrimp is my favourite type of shrimp cause the texture is more like that of lobster..but it’s hard to deshell (i cut my thumb today).. …out of all the places i had this dish, i like the version at loaf on because there’s an equal balance of garlic, salt and spice.. .

steamed garlic prawns … i like the chef’s generosity.. cause it’s very garlicy!

panfried prawns… not to salty.. (the prawns my dad make are very salty)

fried octopus……it was ok.. i’m not really big on fried octopus..

stewed clams with vermicelli….. i like how the chef decided to cook the clams this way because by stewing, the clam’s sweetness can be retained… (instead of being overpowered by soy sauce, salt, garlic etc)..

fried squid….like i said.. i’m not to keen on fried squid/octopus cause it’s usually hard to chew.. but this fried squid is unbelievably tender.. and the seasoning is quite good too!

steamed crab with egg white… the egg white is paired with the crab because (i think) it allows the eater to fully appreciate the crab’s sweetness without other influences (aka. salt) and the sweetness of the crab can diffuse into the egg white, making it sweet also… thumbs up!

seafood fried rice…. ample amounts of seafood and roe! the rice is perfectly fried (not soggy!) yumm!

other notable foods (clockwise from top left): fried tofu, honey-glazed chicken wings, pan fried beef noodles with swiss sauce, osthmanthus jelly

loaf on really is a gem! good food, good service and good value (for a 1 star michelin!)


Loaf On 六福菜館
49 See Cheung Street
Sai Kung Town, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2792 9966