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Dia Tafta – Athens, Greece

i just can’t stop blogging about greece! after a 2 hr walk around ancient agora and up/down mars hill under the scorching midday sun, we were exhausted and went to the nearest kafetonian (greek pub)… Dia Tafta!

it’s located on the pedestrian street right across the agora.. so there’s a pretty nice view..

ovenbaked sardines with tomatoes…..i mentioned before about my love of tomato this is the dish i have to order!.. the tomatoes were plentiful and unlike the asian canned sardines, the tomatoes does not overtake the sardine taste….yummy!

greek gyros….this was so good that we had to reorder!  grilled pork, pita and fries!  you’re supposed to use the pita as a wrap, but we just ate it separately..the grilled pork was very tasty and tender..

mythos beer… greek beer!

we unanimously agreed that this was one of the better meals we had in greece!


Dia Tafta

Adrianou 37, Plaka

Tel: 210-3212347

Alefkandra Taverna – Mykonos, Greece

another seafood post.. sort of.. dinner in Mykonos…

mykonos….THE ISLAND OF GREECE…known for its night life.. but for me, it’s the island where Wang Lee Hom (王力宏), the most talented singer, songwriter, composer and producer, wrote his signature song “Wei Yi (唯一) between 5 and 6 a.m. on Mykonos Island, Greece, August 17, 2001. According to Lee Hom, It was those same Greek stars and night sky, that inspired countless classic stories of Gods with human character flaws, that gave me loneliness on the morning of August 17. I quietly crawled out of bed so as not to wake my sleeping brother and father, then exited the house and began to walk aimlessly in the cold, empty street. It was 5 o’clock a.m. and I watched my moonlight shadow jot a few lines in his palm pilot, the song thus began.

(omg.. i am such a lee hom fan girl) anyways… onto the food part!

we walked to the part of Mykonos called “little venice”.. it earned its nickname cause the houses are built right by the water…

the restaurant we chose, Alefkandra, is right by the Aegean sea and under the famous windmills..

it’s the perfect location for dinner because you can watch the magical sunset… it’s really breathtaking…. everyone stops eating and just looks at the sun setting over the horizon… anyways..

we all had a greek salad.. but i’m not a avid cheese fan, so i didn’t like the chunk of feta..

seafood spaghetti….  fresh seafood…i didn’t like the sauce cause it was a bit too spicy… my mom quite liked it cause compared with the seafood spaghetti we had in Nice, which used rather unfresh seafood, this seafood didn’t have the seafood-y taste..

carbonara….my dad’s not a food adventurer… so most of the time he sticks with carbonara… (i had a bite) it was very creamy and had a generous amount of bacon..good choice..

my brother is also not very adventurous…. and he usually sticks with spaghetti bolognese .. from the looks of it.. it doesn’t look the your regular bolongnese..  i didn’t try it.. but my brother didn’t complain.. so i guess it was ok..

Alefkandra is a good place to have dinner in mykonos.. great location… passable food.. and great price (for mykonos)…


Alefkandra Taverna

Little Venice
Μύκονος, Greece
Tel: 22890-22450

Four Brothers – Piraeus, Greece

another seafood post! i also traveled to greece this summer and had a seafood dinner at a restaurant called Four Brothers, which is located in Pireaus (the port of Athens)… it’s at the waterfront.. so the view was gorgeous..

i didn’t have high expectations cause Vancouver is the best place for seafood… biased? not really.. we have cheap and fresh seafood, with lots of variety too! the prices were a bit expensive (lobster was 40-something euros per kg and the lobster in vancouver was around 9CAD per lb…).. since we would be home in a couple days, didn’t order fresh seafood for our entrees..

mussels….appetizer… it was the small type of mussels.. so of course it was really sweet…

sardines…appetizer.. i love sardines! especially the asian canned tomato sardines!  anyways.. this sardines was cooked with garlic.. so it didn’t have seafoody taste..

baked shrimps with cheese (there’s actually a name for it.. but i forgot)… the shimps weren’t really sweet.. and the sauce had a very strong taste and took over the natural shrimp taste..

seafood spaghetti…it’s always a safe choice… generous amounts of seafood.. but it was spicy…

nice location, supposedly “good” restaurant in Piraeus, but since i’m from vancouver. i’m biased for west coast seafood..

FAIM? non non……

Four Brothers

Piraeus, Greece