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Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory – Hong Kong

After dinner at Daruma, we walked around Tai Hang looking for some dessert. There’s quite a few dessert places but we chose Nitrogen Ice – Cream because of its foodie science geekiness!

It really is a gimmic… using nitrogen to make ice-cream.. nothing new there….we used to do this in high school science labs!

Please excuse my blurry photo.. I was too excited to try the mooncake ice-cream!  It actually tastes like mooncake and wasn’t too sweet. Weirdly, after a few bites, I can taste a bit of bitterness…..

At $44, it’s a tad too expensive for some designer ice-cream!


Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory

G/F, 6 Brown Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong

Daruma Ramen House 達磨日式拉麵 – Hong Kong

We went to Tai Hang for dinner at Man Sing (cause my friends haven’t tried the amazing beef patty tower) but it was under renovation 😦

I immediately went on Openrice and found Daruma Ramen House, which was ranked #2 in Tai Hang.

From all the magazine articles and celebrity autographs on the wall tiles, this must be a pretty famous ramen place!

I ordered the R7 (original non-spicy pork bone ramen)…. Portion-wise, this was on the smaller side.. with only 1 piece of meat and not a lot of noodles. On the plus side, the soup is extremely tasty and the ramen comes with an half boiled egg!


Daruma Ramen House 達磨日式拉麵

92E, Tung Lo Wan Road , Tai Hang, Hong Kong

Tel: 2565 6600

Man Sing Cafe 民聲冰室 – Hong Kong

My brother and I met up with my foodie aunt for dinner in Causeway Bay and she then surprised me with our dinner plans: dinner in Tai Hang! Tai Hang, nestled between Causeway/Tin Hau/Happy Valley, is becoming a hipster district with a lot of food places.. I’ve been wanting to go but it seems so out of the way!

We had dinner Man Sing Cafe 民聲冰室, an old-school restaurant that is frequently visited by local celebrities (as evidenced by walls taped with celebrity photos). Thank goodness we went early because the cafe only has 3 tables inside and there was already a small lineup at 6:30pm!

steamed pork patty tower topped with salt-cured egg… My mom makes one of the best steamed meat patties but this tops it! The meat texture is the same.. but this version has the best sauce!

steamed egg with crab….. and again, this tops my mom’s steamed eggs cause of the sauce. The crab had a lot of roe! Yumm!

sauteed veggie with shrimp paste…

cold mandarin…

Tai Hang will probably be my new foodie hang out place in the new school year!


Man Sing Cafe 民聲冰室

16 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang

Tel: (852) 2576 7272