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Café O – Hong Kong

My friend and I would try to meet up for a foodie meal regularly but since we’re both busy, we decided to eat near our school.  I didn’t want to eat at the usual cha chaan tengs, so she suggested Café O, which was just up the hill.

Baby Spinach + Tuna salad….. this was a pretty good deal! Lots of spinach (it costs $40 + for a pack of baby spinach at Parknshop!) and tuna.  I like how there’s also tangerine and grapes!

mushroom + grilled lemon & herb chicken on a wholewheat base pizza…. Yay! I like the flat-type of pizza.. and there’s plenty of toppings too!

I also ordered the school bus smoothie (strawberries, frozen yoghurt, banana, honey, muesli and milk) and it was so yummy I drank it all before taking a photo! The smoothie was creamy and had a strong fruity taste to it.

I would definitely want to have Café O for lunch every day but it’s too expensive (around $90 with smoothie)!!


Café O

62 Bonham Road, Mid-levels, Hong Kong