j’ai faim!

J’ai faim (I’m hungry in French)!  Yes.. I’m always hungry!!

This blog was initially created to show my friends and family back in Vancouver of my food adventures around the globe. I started blogging in my 2nd year of dental school and now, I’m a fully registered dentist based in Hong Kong.   Hopefully, I’ll still have time to discover new restaurants and continue to share my passion for food with everyone!

o yah.. faim? oui oui is French for hungry? yes yes!

5 responses to “j’ai faim!

  1. I’m also hungry and in Hong Kong! Let’s do lunch – I am about 3 steps behind you and your blog but would love to go on a culinary adventure with you someday!

    student @CUHK

  2. Thanks heaps for all ur help today, ur blog will be just as helpful I’m sure!

  3. Hello! I work at a travel magazine in the U.S. and we are interested in possibly running one of your photos in a story. Can you please email me for more info? Thank you! Anna M.

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