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Dandoy Tea Room – Brussels, Belgium

We only had a day and a half in Brussels so I had to make the most of my time (eating wise)!  For tea, I went to Dandoy to try their famous waffles!

Since it was just me who’s trying the waffles, I ate at the takeaway counter on the first floor (instead of the tearoom).

I ordered the waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce!  This was a lot more expensive (5 Euros) than the waffles from street stands (1 Euro) but it’s sooo worth it!  This waffle is crispier and has a bit of icing.  I loved the contrasting temperatures of the warm waffle and cold ice cream!


Dandoy Team Room

Rue au Beurre 31  1000 Brussels, Belgium
02 511 03 26

Le Funambule Waffles – Brussels, Belgium

From Amsterdam, we took a 3 hr train down to Brussels and after checking in, I was on my hunt for Belgian waffles!!!

Right next to the famed Manneken Pis (aka. the peeing statue) is Le Funambule Waffles.

There are many waffles stands on the streets of Brussels, but the most famous one is Le Funambule Waffles.


Different types of waffles displayed.. they all look sooo good!

Most of the waffles in Belgium is of the Liège type..richer, denser and sweeter (with caramelized sugar on the outside) than the Brussels type…

We ordered:

waffle with hazelnut sauce…

waffle with white chocolate sauce…

waffle with whipped cream and chocolate sauce…

Delicious! The waffles were freshly made, crispy but a bit too sweet. It was really difficult to eat the waffle with just a tiny fork.. while standing in the streets under the hot summer weather….


Le Funambule Waffles

Rue de l’étuve 42
1000 Bruxelles

Waffle Yo – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

After school on Friday, my friend and I went on a eating binge! We started off with an egg tart and then we went to Waffle Yo!

Waffle Yo’s name pretty much sums up what it offers: waffles, yogurt and also hot dog.  They should have named the store: Waffle Yo Dawg.

We ordered a fro-yo and waffle-on-stick to share.  The fro-yo is creamy (like Crumbs) and it’s served in a waffle cone! This is probably the first place in Hong Kong to serve fro-yo in a waffle cone! The cone was crispy but it wasn’t made to order.  The waffle-on-stick is crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside.  It’s served with whipping cream and either maple syrup, condensed milk, chocolate syrup or strawberry jam.

I think I’ll come back just for their waffles and then pop next door to Yogo for fro-yo!


Waffle Yo

112 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Patisserie Lebeau – Vancouver

during my summer back in vancouver, i hardly had time to see my cousin (she always takes me out to eat and buys me yummy food!) cause i also vacationed in europe and she had just given birth to the most adorable baby boy! anyways.. she complained that i was leaving soon and we didn’t have any bonding time.. so she decided to apply for leave with her boss (aka. baby) and took my brother and i on a dessert trip!!

our first stop was to patisserie lebeau! it specializes in Belgian waffles…

there were samples waiting for my arrival!! i tried the white chocolate lemon waffle x2, their famous Liege waffle x1, and their chocolate waffle x1… u could probably tell i was full already!

anyways.. so we ordered 1 white chocolate with almonds waffle, 1 double chocolate waffle and a spinach and cheese waffle

<no pictures 😦  my cousin lost it>

.. the white chocolate waffle was really good! not to sweet! and the almonds added texture… about the chocolate waffle, i didn’t really think it was that special… and i really liked the spinach waffle! there were a lot of filling and it was really special cause i always had sweet waffles and not a savory one..

so…during this christmas break… i decided to take my parents there…

i ordered a lemon waffle…

i like! it’s warm and the lemon flavour wasn’t too sour! yumm! but my parents didn’t like it…….. dad says it’s no difference from the frozen waffles.. THERE IS TOTALLY A DIFFERENCE!!!..the waffle isn’t soggy at all!

and since my cousin is at home with the baby! i bought her a pack of mini waffles!

isn’t the presentation pretty? gold flakes on the chocolate waffle!


Patisserie Lebeau

1728 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J1H6

Tel: (604) 731-3528