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One day stopover in La Paz, Bolivia

From Uyuni, we flew to La Paz (the capital for Bolivia and the highest capital city in the world) and had 20 hours before flying to Argentina.

We stayed The Adventure Brew B&B Hostel (which was on BuzzFeed’s 15 dream hostels) and it has free breakfast and 1 free beer!

pancakes with dulce de leche…

Dulce de leche is a rich and thick confection spread that tastes like caramel and condensed milk .  In South America, it’s THE spread to use on bread and pancakes but unfortunately, they don’t sell it in North America.  They had Dulce for breakfast during the salt flat tour but I didn’t try it since I still had diarrhea. In La Paz, I was still sick but was so tempted to try Dulce (since all my friends were spreading globs and globs of dulce) and gave in.  It was AMAZING.  I love to put condensed milk on toast but to have caramel and condensed milk together is HEAVEN!   I went crazy! For the rest of the trip, I gravitated towards all things dulce de leche.

 free beer at night!

We had a day to walk around the city and the most interesting spot was the Witches’ Market .

It looks like a regular market but look closely, the stores sell dried llama foetuses!

The dried  llama foetuses are used as an offering to the goddess Pachamama and are buried under the foundations of houses.

many clay figurines of Pachamama …..

When my friend and I were shopping at the market, the boys went to look for a place for lunch.  They came across this cool rustic looking restaurant, Le Pot Colonial.

The set lunch was pretty cheap @ 40 Bolivianos and it came with appetizer, main and dessert.

quinoa and vegetable soup, garlic bread and cocoa tea..

Sheperd’s pie.. worst ever..extremely watery.. with hardly any meat or potatoes…

The food here wasn’t good at all and took forever to come…..

We walked around some more…

Basilica of San Francisco

Palacio Quemado (presidential palace) @ Plaza Murillo… there was a event going on because there was a guard parade and a lot of media….

Cathedral @ Plaza Murillo

There’s actually not a lot to see in La Paz.. so we had an early dinner at Cafe Sol y Luna.  It has free wifi and an international menu.. Obviously, I chose something Asian!

I had the gado gado… the sauce was really spicy.. so basically I ate plain rice, eggs and vegetables..

FAIM? un peu….

The Adventure Brew B&B Hostel

Av Montes | 533, La Paz, Bolivia

Le Pot Colonial

Linares 906 | Belen, La Paz, Bolivia

Cafe Sol y Luna

Calle Murillo esquina Calle Cochabamba, La Paz, Bolivia

Brooks Farming 山澗農莊 – Fan Ling, Hong Kong

My foodie aunt wanted to treat me to my belated birthday dinner and told me to meet her at Fan Ling’s MTR station.  I was intrigued! Fan Ling is in the rural part of Hong Kong and for my aunt to pick such a faraway place for dinner, that place must be good!

My aunt made a reservation at Brooks Farming   山澗農莊, a private kitchen in a village 20 minutes away from Fan Ling’s MTR station.  This was my first time in a village and the environment is completely different from urban Hong Kong: there were mountains, fields, and village houses (村屋).

Brook’s Farming grows its own vegetables and fruits (above: peppers, eggplants, mint and bananas).  However, this isn’t “in-season” yet so we couldn’t pick our own vegetables.

Gado Gado… I had this dish in Bali! It’s cucumbers with peanut sauce. This sauce was really good but it was different than the sauce in Bali.  This version is less peanut-y and seems like it has added a bit of “seafood sauce.”

tom yum goong… My aunt told tell that I couldn’t eat spicy foods so they toned down the spiciness of this soup.  The soup was a bit spicy but I could handle it. Without the spiciness, I don’t think the soup would have tasted as good.  Yumm! The soup tasted sweet, sour and spicy at the same time!

beef brisket with pineapple and baby corn… the beef brisket was tender but this was too spicy for me! The baby corn is larger than those found in frozen Green Giant blends, and this was a lot sweeter and actually tastes like corn.

chicken wings.. this was well marinated

green beans with fish patty.. the fish patty was different from normal fish patties because this was chewy.  The chef said that this was pure fish meat with no other additions.

fish with coconut sauce.. the fish meat was kind of tough but the sauce was very coconut-y!

pear and lemongrass dessert soup… this was very refreshing! Perfect for cooling down after a spicy meal!

Thanks Aunt L for treating me to such a delicious meal!


Brooks Farming   山澗農莊

San Uk Tsai, Tan Chuk Hang (粉嶺丹竹坑新屋仔 ), Fanling, Hong Kong
Tel: 2674 2220 / 9586 3967


Ibu Oka – Bali, Indonesia

One of the must-visit restaurants in Ubud is Ibu Oka, famous for its babi guling (roast pig).

Ibu Oka is even recommended by Anthony Bourdain of “A Cook’s Tour,” who said that it’s the best pig he’s ever had! Watch the video below.. Ibu Oka segment appears at 11:42.


There’s an outdoor seating area and a covered-yet-opened eating area.  Even though it was so hot and none of the fans were moving, I quite liked the whole “eating-like-a-local” concept.

Locals and tourists alike come here for the famous babi guling! The pig is stuffed with spices and roasted in an open fire.

Babi guling… the meat was very tender and the gamey taste was overridden by the spices.

Babi guling skin… this was such a disappointment.. the skin wasn’t crispy and it was so tough to chew…

and the largest coconut I’ve ever drank from!

Because everyone said that Ibu Oka has the best babi guling, we had high expectations….this roast pig can’t even compare to the Chinese roast suckling pig (with tender meat and crispy skin).

FAIM? non non

Ibu Oka

Jalan Sweta, Ubud, Bali (opposite of the Royal Palace)

Café Wayan – Bali, Indonesia

We decided to try Café Wayan for dinner as it serves Indonesian dishes and a reportedly delicious chocolate cake!

Like Bebek Bengil, the restaurant is composed of many open-huts with cushions instead of chairs (and you have to sit cross-legged).

special spring rolls (egg rolls filled with chicken, prawns and vegetables served with peanut sauce)

Nasi Goreng Chicken (Wayan’s style mixed fried rice with chicken, eggs and vegetables)

Balinese special (pepes tuna, pork satay, seafood fritter, grilled chicken, prawn in Balinese sauce, long bean sprouts in cocopeanut sauce)

Nasi Goreng Seafood (fried rice mixed with vegetables, prawn, tuna and squid served with shrimp crackers)

Bakmi Goreng Chicken (fried noodles mixed with chicken and eggs topped with torn chicken breast)

We also ordered the chicken satay which was sooooo good! It was well marinated, grilled and was extremely tender!

Death by Chocolate cake…..This is what Cafe Wayan is famous for.. yet I couldn’t taste the specialness of it.  It tasted just like a regular chocolate cake.

This was a great dinner.. the food had great flavour and the portions were generous too!


Café Wayan 

Monkey Forest Road, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck) – Bali, Indonesia

For dinner on the 2nd night, we decided to try Bebek Bengil, home of the original crispy duck!

The restaurant is comprised of a main building and many open huts and surrounding it is a rice paddy!  Good thing it was quite cool at night because there’s no fans in the huts!

Bebek Bengil Crispy Duck  (Half a duck steamed in Indonesian spices and then fried for a crispy finish, accompanied with Indonesian vegetables).. this was soooo good! The duck was crispy, not too oily and didn’t have too much fat. The accompanying vegetables didn’t look spicy at all but it was so spicy!

Gado Gado (blanched mixed vegetables, tofu, and fried shrimp crackers served with a sweet peanut sauce)…. I love the peanut sauce (it’s kind of like the satay sauce) but it’s so fattening! Hidden somewhere within the vegetables is a chili pepper.. which I accidentally ate and half my mouth got numbed. I was scared of Gado Gado after this experience!

Chicken Satay….tender meat and delicious peanut sauce!

BBQ pork ribs.. extremely tender!

Duck Fried Rice… very tasty! It sort of reminds me of the Portuguese duck rice..

We really liked the crispy chicken so we decided to eat here again on our last night in Ubud! This time, we wanted to try the smoked duck, which required an order at least a day in advance .

Balinese smoked duck (a whole duck traditionally smoked in spices and wrapped in leaf)… We thought this smoke duck would wow us but we were somewhat disappointed.  Although you could taste the spiced-up meat, but the gamey taste still showed through.  On a positive note, the meat was unbelievably tender.

The food is delicious but don’t expect service here…You’re sitting in your own hut eating away and when you need a waiter, you need to walk around to the other huts to find someone!


Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck) 

Jalan Hanoman and Monkey Forest Road