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‘t Kelderke – Brussels, Belgium

On our 2nd and last night, I decided to go to ‘t Kelderke for traditional Belgian cuisine.  Although ‘t Kelderke is right smacked in tourist central (it’s in Grand Place), the food is supposedly pretty good and authentic.

We were in Brussels during the Flower Carpet week, which happens once every 2 years.. so we’re pretty lucky to see it… and this is the rights outside the restaurant..

‘t Kelderke is located in the cellar and it’s quite stuffy.. I wish we had sat outside..

moules frites… The mussels weren’t as succulent and fewer than Bij Den Boer…but it was still tasty..

Anguilles au vert (eels in herb sauce)…This is a Belgian specialty..the eels were fat but tasted kind of bland…

stoemp avec carbonnades flammandes à la bière (mash potatoes with slow cooked beef)…  Stoemp is mashed potatoes mixed with bacon and vegetables and is a traditional Belgian fare.  The beef was very tender and I loved the sauce!

soupe du jour..


‘t Kelderke

Grand-Place 15  1000 Brussels, Belgium
02 513 73 44

Fritland – Brussels, Belgium

I still haven’t tried the famed Belgian fries yet (not counting the fries from the moules frites I had for dinner) so after Dandoy, I went to Fritland for fries!

Belgian fries are special because it’s double-fried!

fries with mayo…. The fries are definitely crispier but hey.. fries are fries… not a big difference.  There were so many fries in the cone and after my failed attempt at finishing it, I had no more appetite for fries.. well…for about a month!



Rue Henri Maus 49  1000 Brussels, Belgium
02 514 06 27

Dandoy Tea Room – Brussels, Belgium

We only had a day and a half in Brussels so I had to make the most of my time (eating wise)!  For tea, I went to Dandoy to try their famous waffles!

Since it was just me who’s trying the waffles, I ate at the takeaway counter on the first floor (instead of the tearoom).

I ordered the waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce!  This was a lot more expensive (5 Euros) than the waffles from street stands (1 Euro) but it’s sooo worth it!  This waffle is crispier and has a bit of icing.  I loved the contrasting temperatures of the warm waffle and cold ice cream!


Dandoy Team Room

Rue au Beurre 31  1000 Brussels, Belgium
02 511 03 26

Paul – Brussels, Belgium

We were shopping around Avenue Louise and saw a bunch of footballs in front of the Conrad Hotel.  It turned out that the Netherlands national football team would be arriving at the hotel in an hour! So of course my brother was going to stalk the team and we killed time by having lunch at Paul.

Paul is a chain of boulangerie & pâtisserie all around Europe… but this was my first time noticing it…

jamon baguette

raspberry tart..

chocolate cake..

almond croissant

Paul also has a Buy 3 – Get 1 free croissant deals in the morning!

and yes.. the wait was worth it cause we saw the entire Dutch football team and took pictures with Van Persie, van der Vaart, Robben and Kuyt!



13, chaussée de Charleroi
1000 Brussels City – Brussels

Bij Den Boer – Brussels, Belgium

One of the main reasons for visiting Brussels is moules-frites!!!! Instead of going to the touristy area for mussels, we went to Place St. Catherine, which used to be a seafood market but now has tons of seafood restaurants.

Originally, we wanted to try Noordzee Mer Du Nord and Le Pré Salé but those were closed during the days we were in Brussels.  Instead, we tried Bij Den Boer, another highly rated place for seafood.

We ordered beer and it came with a small plate of shrimps…

These tiny shrimps were soooo flavourful!

Mom and I both ordered moules frites (she had the moule frites in white wine while I had the marinière).  This was AMAZZZZZZING!!! Seriously! The moules were fresh tasting, fat and succulent. The pot seemed not to have a bottom because I kept eating and eating and there were still mussels! AND.. there weren’t a single closed mussel! The fries were thick and crispy!

My brother ordered the cod fried in butter

My dad ordered the 4 course menu @ 28 Euros.. which is quite a steal cause it has soup, 2 entrees and dessert.

fish soup… this was rather watery…

risotto with mussel...

fried dover sole


Just come to Bij Den Boer for their mussels….. it’s the best ever!  I wish I ate here the 2nd night!


Bij Den Boer

Quai aux Briques 60  1000 Brussels, Belgium
02 512 61 22