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Roberta’s – New York City

While eating at Madison Square Park’s Shake Shack, I noticed a lot of people carrying Eataly‘s paper bags.  Eataly! The foodies at Rose’s suggested Eataly and I totally forgot.  Luckily, there was an address on the bags and it turns out, Eataly is right across the street.

Eataly is a high end Italian food hall with restaurants, food and beverage stations.  It’s like a candy store for serious cooks and gourmets!  We ended up buying spreads, cookies and pastas…even though our luggage were full!

We had to hurry back to our hotel to go to the airport but right outside of Eataly were food stalls..

I saw the list of vendors and Roberta’s were there!  Roberta’s was the pizza place the foodies we met at The Spotted Pig mentioned.  We didn’t plan on trying because it was really far into Brooklyn so I was beyond happy when I saw Roberta’s.

They brought their own oven to make freshly-baked pizzas!

Margherita Pizza (tomato, mozzarella and basil) and added pepperoni …. the pizza was slightly burnt.. but the crust was thin enough…lots of sauce and cheese…



pop-up @ Madison Square Eats : located between 24th and 25th Streets at the intersection of 5th Ave and Broadway

the actual Roberta’s in Brooklyn:

261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, United States
+1 718-417-1118


John’s Pizzeria – New York City

This trip has all been about eating and Broadway shows.. we watched musicals 3 nights out of the 4!  After watching Lion King, we headed to John’s Pizza, which was directly across from Phantom’s Majestic Theatre (didn’t notice it the night we watched Phantom…).

Apart from being famous for the pizza, John’s known for being in an abandoned church.

It has high ceilings with stained glass windows…probably the classiest pizza joint! It’s also the largest pizzeria in the world!

We ordered:

1 large size pizza…. it’s baked in coal-fired brick oven so it was very aromatic. loved the crust.. very thin and slightly crispy!

house salad.. the vinegrette was too sour…

New York Cheesecake.. 


John’s Pizzeria

260 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036, United States
+1 212-391-7560

Monty Q’s – New York City

Last time we were in NYC, we only walked part of the Brooklyn Bridge and didn’t actually step into Brooklyn.  This time, we joined a “free” 6 hour walking tour of Brooklyn!

Originally, the itinerary had a lunch stop at DUMBO, where the famous pizzerias Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s are located. I was so hyped for the pizzas but unfortunately, we stopped for lunch at Brooklyn Heights instead.

Since I wanted NY pizza anyways, we ate at Monty Q’s… the only pizza place we saw on the main street of Brooklyn Heights.  There’s a lot of pizza choices.. once you pick your slice, they reheat it again in the brick oven.

We ordered the chicken white pie…..I didn’t have high expectations but I was wrong. This was pretty good!  Thin crust, creamy white sauce and tender chicken.. If Monty is this good, I can’t imagine what Juliana’s / Grimaldi’s would taste like!


Monty Q’s

158 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States
Phone:+1 718-246-2000

Pizzeria Restaurant Inti Killa – Ollantaytambo, Peru

For dinner, we went to the recommended pizzeria located at the main square.

It’s funny how we still haven’t tried Peruvian cuisine yet!

I really like the traditional rustic decor..

oven-fired pizza

At this point, it was my 3rd day of  having gastroenteritis and still did not have an appetite.  I didn’t even care what I ate… so I couldn’t remember what pizzas these are.  All I can remember is that the pizzas were warm not hot.  Oven fired pizzas should be hot!  Seriously, the best pizza I’ve had so far is still the one in Nepal.

My friend also had a Pisco Sour, the national drink.  It’s made of pisco liquor, citrus juice and egg white.  It tasted really strong!  I prefer sticking to my mate de coca!

FAIM? un peu..

Pizzeria Restaurant Inti Killa

Plaza Principal de Ollantaytambo, Ollantaytambo 084, Peru

Pizzeria Due – Chicago

Dinner the second night was deep dish pizza again.  This time, we tried Pizzeria Due  and was joined by our new friend, Zak!

Rewind! So after brunch at the Publican, we went to the Chicago Cultural Center to see if we can get a tour with a InstaGreeter.  Chicago Greeter is a service that matches visitors with a volunteer for a free 2-4 guided tour of the city.  I signed up too late and didn’t get matched.  InstaGreeter (1 hr tour) is offered on the weekends and requires no registration.  Anyhoooo, instead of a 1 hr tour of downtown, our InstaGreeter, Zak, took my family on a 7 hour tour!

So after visiting Hyde Park and University of Chicago, we bused back to River North for dinner.  Our first choice was Giordano’s but the line was 1 hr and 30 mins! Instead, we went to Pizzeria Due, where the line was shorter at 30 minutes.

Pizzeria Due is a block away from it’s mother restaurant Pizzeria Uno… love how their names are so literal!


numero uno (sausage, pepperoni, onions, peppers, mushrooms, chunky tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella & Romano) deep dish pizza… this had more toppings than Lou‘s  but the crust wasn’t as good.

a close up.. you can see there’s more topping, sauce and less cheese..

BBQ chicken (mozzarella, red onion, parsley, drizzled with citrus BBQ)….the bbq chicken topping was so delicious!

I actually preferred the dining experience at Pizzeria Due (compared to Lou’s).  The waitresses were so friendly and funny… they actually had a impromptu dance-off.. it was HILARIOUS.


Pizzeria Due

619 N Wabash Ave  Chicago, IL 60611, United States
+1 312-943-2400

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria – Chicago

Gonna take a break on the Japan posts and post a bit about Chicago!

We wanted to take a short 5 day vacation and chose Chicago. Why? Because of its architecture and deep dish pizza!

So for dinner the first night, I had to try the famous deep dish pizza.  We chose Lou Malnati because it’s one of the best in Chicago and close to our hotel.

We got there at 8pm and was told we had to wait 1 hour!  To speed things up, they told us to order our pizza in advance.  After waiting an hour, we got our table and then had to wait another 30 minutes of the pizzas! The pre-ordering wasn’t faster.

We ordered a medium Malnati Chicago Classic (sausage, cheese and vine-ripened tomato sauce on Buttercrust) deep dish pizza.

This was amazing and was worth the 1.5 hr wait.  The buttercust was like a hybrid between a regular crust and tart..and it was flaky and crispy! This topping is the best pizza topping I’ve ever had! The sausage’s texture was perfect and had the right amount of chewiness.

We also ordered a small pepperoni deep dish… this wasn’t as good as the classic.

Our hotel gave us a coupon and it was either a free bruschetta appetizer or a chocolate chip pizza.  Obviously, I chose the dessert. It was a chocolate chip cookie, topped with vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream in a deep dish.  This was amazing.  The cookie was warm while the ice-cream was cold…. yumm.

This meal was pretty economical.. all the food was less than $40 for 4 people!

We loved Lou’s so much, we returned for our last meal before heading to the airport!


Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

various locations but we went to the one in Gold Coast

1120 N State St
+1 312-725-7777