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Mussel Inn – Edinburgh, Scotland

Found the best seafood restaurant in Edinburgh! It’s so good that I ate there three nights in a row!

The seafood are mostly all from Scotland so it’s really fresh.

These Scottish oysters are soooooooo sweet! I haven’t seen / tried these anywhere else yet….

probably the most filling seafood chowder ever…. it had CHUNKS of fish.

Surf and Turf .. not really liking the steak….

Mussels!!!!!!  I became famous at the restaurant because I first ate dinner with my friends…. then immediately after, I ate another meal with my family, at the next table! The staff was shocked that I could eat another kg of mussels….. he has never seen anyone eat so many mussels before!

Hot Seafood Platter (scallops, tiger prawns and mussels poached in seafood sauce topped with grilled sea bass fillet and crème fraiche)……

Shellfish Pasta (Mussels, tiger prawns,  scallops and fettuccini in a shellfish bisque)….

scallop risotto….

This was my best restaurant find in Edinburgh.  Mussel Inn has fresh seafood for an affordable price!


Mussel Inn Seafood Restaurant

61-65 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 2NH, UK

+44 843 289 2481

Bullocks Bistro- Yellowknife

Apart from aurora viewing, there’s actually a lot of daytime activities to do in Yellowknife.  Between dog sledding, ice-fishing and snowmobiling, we decided to pick the most thrilling one.. snow snowmobiling on Great Slave Lake!

Afterwards, we decided to have a late lunch.. but which became an early dinner at Bullocks’ Bistro because we had to wait so long for our table.

Bullocks’ is famous for its fish… and also for the most exorbitant prices for fish and chips!

House made cumin feta bread….. freshly made and baked in front of us!

fish chowder... so good! we wanted seconds but was sold out….

Deep fried white fish, pan fried pickerel and grilled Arctic char….. all this fish were so juicy and tender.  It was so good that we re-ordered the fried white fish.


Bullocks’ Bistro

3534 Weaver Dr, Yellowknife, NT X1A 2S9, Canada

Phone:+1 867-873-3474

Aurora hunting in Yellowknife

To cross off another item of my bucket list, I travelled to Yellowknife to see aurora borealis.  We studied about Northwest territories back in elementary school and the only things I could remember are ice, ice-fishing and more ice.  Because of that, I didn’t think I’ll ever visit that part of the country.  It’s just so cold!!  But for the last year or so, I’ve seen a lot of aurora photos on Instagram and also, a lot of people in Hong Kong has asked me if I’ve been to Yellowknife to see the northern lights.  I guess it was time for a trip to the north!

We traveled to Yellowknife in February, one of THE coldest months of the year. We spent 2 nights outside looking for the aurora in -33 degrees celsius….. if we could survive in that temperature.. cold weather will not faze us ever again!  We were so lucky to see the aurora 2 out of 3 nights.. it really danced in the sky!

We stayed at The Explorer Hotel, the best hotel in Yellowknife (even Prince William and Kate stayed there!).  Their restaurant is also ranked the best in Yellowknife but the food was really average and overpriced. We ate there for 2 nights because we were too lazy to put on our snow gear and walk 2 blocks to the main street.

What we ordered:

duck confit spring rolls……

Mussels meunière…extremely salty……. Don’t know how mussels could be that salty… when I ordered it the 2nd night, I requested the chef to tone down that salt.. but it was still so salty….. really.. I don’t know why….

sacchetti with black truffles….. this was the only good dish because it had strong truffle taste…

grilled arctic char……. it looks like salmon but the texture is a bit different and the taste is milder…

Pan seared lemon pepper whitefish

Shrimp stuffed pickerel with tarragon cream..

FAIM? un peu…

Trader’s Grill @ The Explorer Hotel

4825 49th Ave, Yellowknife, NT X1A 2R3, Canada

Phone:+1 800-661-0892

Malibu Seafood – Los Angeles

After Venice, we continued the seaside drive to Santa Monica…Love the shopping at Santa Monica and the picturesque pier.  We had such a great time at Santa Monica that by the time we got to Malibu, the sun has already set!  The original plan was to eat at Malibu Seafood and watch the sunset… but we missed it.

Deep fried seafood, steamed clams and mussels, clam chowder…..

Truthfully speaking, the food was normal but I like the laidback atmosphere of the shack.


Malibu Seafood

25653 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, United States
Phone:+1 310-456-3430

The Lobster Trap – Toronto

I wanted to have another meal at Red Lobster but my mom’s friend said we should try Lobster Trap instead.

It’s a hole-in-the-wall seafood restaurant that’s a bit run down…..but the prices are a bit steep…

lobster bisque..

New England clam chowder

grilled lobster tail.….. look how huge it is! unfortunately, this was overcooked and was tough… such a waste….

Alaskan King Crab legs……. gigantic legs.. so yumms

I read that this place has been around for 30+ years but it seems like it has fallen off people’s radar.  There were only 2 other tables when we were there…..  I guess as an incentive to come back, they gave us a $50 credit note for next visit….


The Lobster Trap

1962 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M 4A1, Canada
Phone:+1 647-352-0680