Howies – Edinburgh

Seriously… I love Edinburgh because it feels like stepping back into time… just look at Edinburgh Castle and all the old buildings around Royal Mile.  Apart of that, lots of hotels and restaurants are also located in renovated old buildings.

We had lunch at Howies and it’s located in a gorgeous Georgian building.

The lunch set is a pretty good deal.. appetizer + main for 10.95 pounds!

Traditional Scottish Haggis (minced sheep’s heart, liver and lungs)….  This is THE NATIONAL DISH OF SCOTLAND and because of that, I had to give it a try (even though the ingredients are given me the pukes already)….. I wasn’t sure how haggis would smell and taste like but I can say now that it tastes like regular ground meat! It didn’t smell and didn’t had any weird gamey taste.  If it weren’t for the constant reminder in my head about it being sheep’s innards, I could have finished it.  It really wasn’t so bad… just don’t tell me what it is!

Grilled fillet of Shetland Salmon….

After lunch, we also wandered to the cementary where people claimed J.K. Rowling got her Harry Potter influence.  Can you see whose grave it is?



29 Waterloo Pl, Edinburgh EH1 3BQ, United Kingdom

Phone:+44 131 556 5766

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