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Tai Lee 大利清湯腩 – Hong Kong

Kau Kee’s beef brisket was kinda overhyped…and i heard that the beef brisket in Tin Hau is even better….i haven’t had the chance to go but this weekend, my cousin took me there!

there’s another beef brisket place next doors (Sister Wah’s beef brisket) and apparently, the sister of the owner of Tai Lee opened it… sibling rivalry eh? (i’ve read online that Tai Lee’s beef brisket is more tender….)

of course.. i ordered the beef brisket noodle!!! the portion is almost double the size at Kau Kee.. the beef brisket is way better at Tai Lee cause the meat was oh so tender and had a bit of fat too.. yumm!  plus, the beef broth was really really tasty (i can’t really taste msg)…

radish soaked in beef broth…the sweetness of the radish coupled with the essence of the beef broth makes this THE MOST FLAVOURFUL RADISH i have ever tasted… clap clap clap!

Tai Lee definitely beats Kau Kee hands down.. next up! Sister Wah!


Tai Lee 大利清湯腩

15 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong