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Phnom Penh – Vancouver

From the last time I went to Phnom Penh, the restaurant became even more famous. It’s one of the highest ranked restaurants in Vancouver.. even my friends, who never go to Chinatown, suggested that we have dinner there.  It’s so popular now that if you go after 5pm, the lineup is more than an hour!

Butter beef (raw thinly sliced beef covered with cilantro, garlic other Vietnamese spices and vinegar)….. AMAZING!!!! It’s named butter beef because the beef is so thinly sliced that it practically melts in your mouth..

Luc Lac beef.… tender beef with some flavorful sauce.. good for mixing with rice

the famed chicken wings…  Even though I’m on a self-proclaimed “no-chicken diet” (ate too much fried chicken in Peru.. and had diarrhea while eating the chicken.. so now I’m chicken-phobic), I still had a wing or two since they were so yummy.. crispy, garlic-y, sweet, salty.. yumm


Phnom Penh
244 East Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 682-5777

Lo Chiu Vietnamese Restaurant 老趙越南餐廳 – Hong Kong

After going to Vietnam, my parents and I were craving to eat authentic Vietnamese food and somehow, they ended up mentioning Lo Chiu.  Lo Chiu has been at Jordan for more than 20 years and it’s so authentic that my parents’ friend, a Vietnamese immigrant, ate there regularly.

I dragged my friends (again) on an eating adventure! Even though I’m a walking GPS, I didn’t know where Lo Chiu was because it’s not near the Jordan MTR station.  We ended up meeting at Elements and walked to the restaurant.  Apparently, the area is quite sketchy.. o! the places I go for food!

We ordered:

beef and chicken satay… i love love love love this sauce! it’s so thick and peanuty! It’s different from the Malaysian/Singaporean/Thai satays because the meat is sliced thinner and the sauce is drizzled onto the skewers instead of having to dip.

chicken salad… has a hint of chili oil .. pretty good

chicken curry…it smelled really fragrant! I didn’t have a lot because it was quite spicy but my friends really liked it and said the taste was really strong (and with a lot of coconut)

garlic bread…very garlic-y and crispy!

crab cake… consisting of crab, fish meat, fungus, bean sprouts and parsley? I like! The different tastes blended together and the texture was very bouncy.

I really like Lo Chiu and next time, I have to try my mom’s favourite mixed noodles!


Lo Chiu Vietnamese Restaurant   老趙越南餐廳

25-27 Man Yuen Street, Jordan, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2384 2143 / 2384 4029

Phnom Penh – Vancouver

I’m not really fond of going to Chinatown because Richmond clearly trumps Chinatown in every way (the food, the environment etc); needless to say, I’m not a very happy camper when my parents insist we go to Chinatown for breakfast before grocery shopping. The only time I would insist on going to Chinatown is when I’m craving for Vietnamese food!

I used to go to Phnom Penh just for their Vietnamese dripping coffee and pho but after my trip to Cambodia/Vietnam, Phnom Penh holds a deeper meaning because it is also a Cambodian restaurant!

As usual, I ordered my cold vietnamese coffee and condensed milk!

it’s the best Viet coffee I’ve ever had.. until I went to Vietnam! But it’s still the 2nd best! It has such a rich coffee taste!

Beef pho…. I like the pho at Phnom Penh because the soup doesn’t have MSG and the beef balls are so bouncy!

I wanted to see if Phnom Penh is truly an authentic Cambodian restaurant and yes! i found Amok under the “Chef’s Recommendation!”  It was a seafood amok and was quite expensive $15.  I guess we were too spoiled in Siem Reap where amok is served in a little coconut  because we were shocked at how the amok was just served in a plain bowl! I thought the amok tasted pretty authentic but there wasn’t a lot of sauce.

I love Phnom Penh despite it being in the sketchy part of town.  It’s actually really famous and has won lots of food critic awards! There’s usually a long line-up if you don’t go early enough!


Phnom Penh
244 East Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 682-5777

Com Nieu Saigon – Vietnam

for our last meal in vietnam, we decided to try anther famous local restaurant, Com Nieu Saigon.

and what is it famous for? CON DAP!!! Con dap is rice cooked in a special clay pot…. the waiter will break the clay pot and throw the rice to another waiter to catch!!!

the clay pot waiting to be cracked…..

the first attempt……. the ceiling was low so the rice hit the ceiling and fell to the ground 😦

the waiter attempting the 2nd throw!!! perfect!

the final product… Con Dap!!!!  crispy rice accompanied by a scallion and sesame topping! I love it! I always scrape the bottom when i eat “bo zai fan” aka. claypot rice..  so i especially love this version cause i don’t have to do the scraping!  I was surprised that the topping was sweet… but it worked out pretty well!

we just had to have morning glory again!!!

and we also had to have king prawns again!!!  yummmm! sweet and sour version!

and to accompany these dishes, we ordered…

com nieu!!!!  rice cooked in earthenware-pot…. it’s soo good the restaurant named itself after it…. but i didn’t think it was as good or as special as com dap…

I’m so glad I visited this place because I just found out that Anthony Bourdain of “A Cook’s Tour” listed it as his favourite restaurant in Vietnam!


Com Nieu Saigon

19 Tu Xuong, District 3

Quán ăn Ngon – Vietnam

After a wonderful 4 days in Siem Reap, we headed to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

We decided to try Quán ăn Ngon, a restaurant which offers pretty much everything Vietnamese cuisine has to offer!

The restaurant is housed inside an old colonial building, so you wouldn’t believe that inside this restaurant is an assemblage of quality-checked street-food stalls!

I like how you can view the food first before ordering… and you get to see how it’s cooked!

the dining area: no air-con again!

we ordered:

steamed rice sheets with pork sausage

Vietnamese pancake

Pho Bo (beef noodles)

Chicken Pho

Pounded shrimp hash fried on sugar cane served with rice vermicelli, rice paper and vegetables

and you wrap it!!!


i don’t know why they don’t provide water to help soften the rice-paper (unlike the HK restaurant rice-paper)…..

Vermmicelli and ground pork meatballs with fresh herbs and fish sauce

grilled shrimps on skewer

steamed clams with lemon grass

the food was very good overall!!! But the service was a bit bad. They gave us a 2 person table (for our party of 3); which cannot hold the amount of food we ordered! When the adjacent 2 person table was free, we asked if we could combine the 2 tables (like what other people did), the waiter said “NO” very rudely……… so we talked to the “head” who reluctantly said yes…….


Quán ăn Ngon

160 Pasteur, District 1