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Mitho Restaurant – Kathmandu, Nepal

My friend suggested that I try Mitho Restaurant cause he said the food’s good and the restaurant’s quite clean. We were in Thamel our last day and decided to lunch at Mitho.

It was so hard to find because there’s no address (there are no street addresses in Kathmandu)! On the website, it says it’s next to Everest Steakhouse and thank goodness, Everest is located on the map!

Vegetable momo…  the skin was reasonably thin and the filling was a bit too spicy! 10 momos for around $1.20… such a good deal!

Chicken Sekuwa.. this was too spicy for me but my family loved it and ordered 2 more dishes!

Aalu Jeera.. this wasn’t spicy at all! tasted so good we ordered 3 of this!

Butter Nann….There were originally 4 pieces! A bit too thick but this is one of the 2 non-spicy items I could eat!


Mitho Restaurant

Cosmo de Cafe Restaurant – Kathmandu, Nepal

After lunching at the same restaurant in Patan for 2 days in a row, we decided to try something new… Cosmo de Cafe.

The restaurant has a view of Kathmandu’s Durbar Square…

We decided to try the traditional Nepali meals instead of the Nepali snacks….

Nepali set with chicken, lentil soup, curry curd and veggies… This is the 2nd Nepali set that I tried and it’s safe to say I’m not a big fan…. the only things I can eat are the veggies and the lentil soup (and it tastes pretty bland)…

the fam really like the chicken from the Nepali set, so we ordered another chicken…

Newari set with choyela(buffalo), bhatmash (pan-fried lentil cake), veggies with beaten rice..  Beaten rice is dehusked rice that is flattened into flat light dry flakes. It was my first time trying beaten rice and I loved the crispy texture.

We really liked the lentil cake so we ordered another one…

another lentil cake but this one was fried with egg..

and a pan-fried buffalo cake with egg…… I liked the lentil version more because the buffalo version was a tad to heavy…


Cosmo de Cafe Restaurant

Durbar Square, Pyaphal Ktm, 3rd floor

Casa Pagoda Restaurant & Bar – Kathmandu, Nepal

We were in Patan and stopped at Casa Pagoda for lunch.  We liked it so much that we went back to lunch the next day!

The restaurant has an amazing view of Patan’s Durbar Square

Our guide helped us to order the less spicy version of Nepalese snacks….

I took a bite and it was toooooooo spicy… so the guide went to the kitchen and told the chef to remake all the dishes without any spices…

A collection of what we ate on the 1st and 2nd day:

Aalu Jeera.. Aalu is potato and Jeera is cumin seeds…. This was sooo good (sorta tasted like Spanish potato bravas) that we bought cumin seeds to make this at home!

Aalu Sandeko…The “sandeko” way of cooking uses tomatoes, garlic, fresh ginger, green chili…

Chicken Sandeko…..

Peanut Sandeko.. 

Buffalo momo.. Chinese-influenced dumplings!!! This was my first time eating buffalo and it tasted a lot like beef…

Buff Sekuwa…  BBQ and marinated in a blend of Himalayan herbs and spice)…. so good and it tasted like satay..

Choyela (fried buffalo)…very tender and juicy too!


Casa Pagoda Restaurant & Bar

Mangal Bazar, Patan Durbar Square

Tel: 5538980

Flavors Cafe & Restaurant – Kathmandu, Nepal

I read favorable reviews about Flavors.. reasonable food, free wi-fi, Western toilets with toilet paper and it became our breakfast and dinner spot!

It faces the Boudha Stupa, so like the locals, we walk a full circle around the Boudha.

What we ate at Flavours:

Nepali Potato (Potato cubes cooked in Nepali spices)… it was a bit too spicy..

sauteed vegetables with rice..

Chicken Sandeko..  again this was really spicy even when I requested for it not to be spicy… but my fam loved it and had this every night. I had the pita bread and love it cause it was served warm!

fried chicken… the chicken was overfried…..

Pizza (ham)…This is hands down one of the best pizzas I’ve ever head.. no kidding! I would never have thought it would be in Nepal! The pizza, baked in a clay oven, has thin and crispy bases and toppings that are full of flavour. We had 2 pizzas each night and each pizza only cost $3.8 CAD!

American Breakfast (2 eggs, sausage, toast)…the breakfast however, didn’t taste that good.. the toast was hard, the eggs were fully cooked and the sausage didn’t have any taste…

It’s great to see that both Flavors and The Bakery Cafe hire people with mild disability and speech and hearing impairments.


Flavors Cafe & Restaurant 

Boudha Stupa(Inner circle), Kathmandu,Nepal 01-4498748

The Bakery Cafe – Kathmandu, Nepal

We made a quick trip to Kathmandu, Nepal to meet up with a doctor we were fundraising for.  Dr.Yeshe Lodoe Lama is the co-founder and head of Citta Hospital, which is located in Humla (one of the most remote and poorest parts of Nepal).

We met up with Dr. Lama and his wife at The Bakery Cafe, a Nepalese fast food chain.

We ordered the Nepalese set (lentil soup, curry chicken, veggies, spicy veggies, potatoes, curd).  Even though I requested the set to be non-spicy, this was still extremely spicy!!!  The Nepali set reminds me of Korean food with many small dishes!

The Bakery Cafe is famous for their momos (dumplings).. drat.. should have tried that!


The Bakery Cafe

various locations throughout the city, but we went to the Boudha outlet