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Parlament – Hamburg, Germany

Once again, our ship didn’t dock in the city and it took 1.5 hrs to get to Hamburg!

<City Hall>

We took the ship’s shore excursion and lunch was at the restaurant, Parlament, located in the vaulted basement of City Hall.

It reminded me of the Great Hall in Harry Potter….


2 pieces of tough chicken … but the egg/potato cake was really good!

German beer!

We didn’t stay for dessert because we only had a bit over an hour of free time.. gotta get in some last minute shopping and sightseeing!



Rathausmarkt 1
20095 Hamburg
040 70383399

Löwen Treff – Berlin, Germany

Our ship was docked in Warnemunde and it took 3 hours by bus to Berlin! Nevertheless, the long transportation time was worth it because we saw the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Check-Point Charlie, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (aka. Holocaust Memorial) and much more.

The above picture is that of the Holocaust Memorial and we had lunch at a cafe facing it.

Rostbratwurst…. it was average and the sausage wasn’t completely grilled…

Currywurst….It’s a Berlin specialty and it’s soooooo good! The sausage is fried and mixed with curry and ketchup! I’m gonna to do this to my sausages at home!

potatoes with bacon

German beer!



Cora-Berliner-Str. 2, 10117 Mitte, Berlin