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El Brillante – Madrid, Spain

We took the metro from Puerta del Sol to Atocha to try the famous calamari sandwich.

We ordered one bocadillo de calamares to share.

Unlike the name of the restaurant, the calamari sandwich was not “brilliant” at all because the calamari wasn’t crispy and did not have any taste at all.  It was a waste of my stomach space!

FAIM? non non….

El Brillante

Plaza Carlos V, 8., Madrid

Museo del Jamón – Madrid, Spain

After yogurt, we headed towards Plaza Mayor to the Museo del Jamón.

Yup! We’re at the Ham Museum.. with ham dangling on the ceiling!

There’s a deli in the back selling bocadillo (sandwich) for 1 euro!

bocadillo del jamon serrano for 1 euro! yumm! the dried ham isn’t that salty and the bread was crispy!

This is the famed and most expensive jamón ibérico.. it’s from the black hoofed Iberian pig who feast on acorn and roam in oak forests.  Its taste is smoother and the fat melts in your mouth!


Museo del Jamón

Plaza Mayor