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Windows Restaurant @ The Four Seasons – Macau

previously, i blogged about the afternoon tea at the FS Macau.. and how i wasn’t impressed… but this time, i’m totally impressed!

why? because they totally changed the savouries and the desserts… plus this time, the afternoon tea set had 1 more type of dessert! woot!  but this was also accompanied by a price increase!

and since the 3 of us shared the afternoon tea for 2, the head waiter thought that there wouldn’t be enough for us to eat, so he offered to give us more dessert (but we said no, since we were full from lunch @ Clube Militar)..

even though we refused,  he still brought out an extra scone so we could each have one….so nice!

and the scones were really good! warm, buttery, fluffy.. yumm!

and the Vanilla Rooibos tea (the reddish one) was so heavenly! just the perfect hint of vanilla mixed with roobios..

however, the lycee green tea didn’t have enough taste…

i would definitely have afternoon tea here again since the food quite delicious and the price of the tea set is still a lot cheaper than at other fs hotels!


Windows Restaurant @ The Four Seasons – Macau

Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N,Taipa, Macau
(connected to the Venetian)
Tel:(853) 2881-8888

Fernando’s – Macau

I’ve been to Macau 5 times and i haven’t been to Fernando’s.. what kind of foodie am i? haha.. so this time, we had to visit!

Fernando’s is situated all the way out in Hac Sa Beach in Coloane.. and it’s so worth the trek to have great traditional Portuguese food!

huge bread… but it wasn’t good cause hard and cold…….and the beer has holders!

nothing special about the salad..

grilled ribs… nothing amazing…. but the fries were really good.. it’s salted so there’s no need for ketchup (we asked for ketchup and the waitress said that the fries are good alone)

roasted suckling pig…AMAZING! crispy skin! and the meat was juicy and tender! no wonder people come out here just to have a taste of this!

grilled codfish….the Portuguese codfish is salted..and Fernando’s codfish is extremely salty.. which is why it comes with a lot of potatoes to even out the taste!

grilled sardines…. i have never seen a sardine that big before!  eating one is enough!

fernando’s certainly lives up to its hype… great food… excellent service..definitely worth the taxi ride out there!



9 Hac Sa Beach, Coloane Island, Macau

Tel: (853) 2888-2264

Clube Militar de Macau 陸軍俱樂部 – Hong Kong

finally got to visit this place! last time i went, it was fully booked… but this time, i made a reservation before hand!

the  bright pink colonial building, built in 1870 as a private recreation center for military officers, is  now opened for non-members to dine in their restaurant…

it’s an old-fashioned dining hall with tall ceilings, whirring ceiling fans, wooden chairs and floor…

and of course.. we ordered traditional Portuguese food…

appetizer … octopus Portuguese style (with mustard)….. i like this more than calamari because it’s pure octopus meat (and no deep-fried dough).. and the mustard brought out the octopus taste.

Traditional “Portuguese” duck rice…… i like! the rice is cooked to perfection (not soggy), not oily nor salty! and inside, there’s duck meat (but it was kinda dry)…

“ African ” chicken marinated with garlic, onion, chilli and coconut….. didn’t like it cause it was kinda spicy…  but my brother thought this was the best dish..

Chef’s special for Sunday…. pork leg…the meat was tender.. but the skin wasn’t crispy.. it was unbelievably tough!!

Portuguese cod fish…. my favourite dish!!! (look at the unique presentation! fish on top of the veges and potato.. and it’s perfectly circular!)  the fish was sorta baked?cause there was a crust on the top… interesting! and i like how the fish was paired with olive oil and black olives .. a different yet delicious taste!

kinda more expensive than the other Portuguese food in macau.. but it was worth it!


Clube Militar de Macau 陸軍俱樂部

Av, da Praia Grande 975

Tel: (853) 281 4009

Café Litoral 海灣咖啡屋 – Macau

another favourite restaurant of mine is Café Litoral (海灣咖啡屋) and yes. it’s in taipa!

In the past, the “best” place for Macanese/Portuguese is Cozinha Pinocchio (木偶葡國餐廳).. but now, it’s overrated and is a tourist trap…  the place locals would go to for Macanese/Portuguese is Café Litoral…

and some notable dishes:

clams with white wine sauce!!!!! this is really good… the clams were very sweet (not fishey), the sauce further accentuates the sweetness and there were a lot of clams!

curry chicken…. not a big fan of curry.. but this is my dad’s favourite dish @ litoral

braised oxtail in red wine sauce…. this is my favourite dish @ litoral… the oxtail is braised until it’s extremely soft..and the sauce is so strong and tasty that i can finish a bowl of rice!

baked porkchop rice…. another one of litoral’s famous dishes…  the rice is fried first with egg and then baked… so the rice isn’t soggy! but i think the tomato sauce is a bit too sour…

Café Litoral is a good find… unpretentious restaurant with good service, excellent food and relatively cheap price (around 60 mop for an entree)..


Café Litoral 海灣咖啡屋
Rua Do Regedor, Bloco 4
Wai Chin Kok, Nos 53-57
Taipa, Macau
Tel: +853 2882 5255

Serrdura – Macau

and diagonally right across the street from Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei is Serrdura!

Serrdura (木糠布甸) is a type of Portuguese dessert made with rich whipped cream and biscuit crumbs… this shop has all types of flavours (from coffee to mango) …

but i stuck with the original…  very fattening indeed! spoonfuls of creme and cracker crumbs and i got so stuffed from it!



Rua do Regedor s/n, AA Chun Fok Village C.C. r/c, Taipa

Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei 大利來記咖啡室 – Macau

macau is also very famous for their pork chop bun and the best place for this is Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei (大利來記咖啡室)!  it’s a street side stall right by the main road of Taipa (which, by the way, has a lot of great food finds!)

the pork chop bun starts selling at 3pm (until sold out) and there’s a huge lineup.. and when i was lining up, there was this guy who budged and people started arguing! thank goodness he cut the line behind me! anyways.. so after the long wait…

tada! THE pork chop bun! the bun was very crispy and chewy (yay!) but the pork wasn’t that tender.. plus, it was slightly spicy… so i didn’t really like it.. and the bun was sauce-less..  i prefer the pork chop bun at Sing Heung Yuen… with the tender pork and mayo!  but my relatives really liked it.. and so does everyone else..


Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kei 大利來記咖啡室

Rua Direita Carlos Eugenio, Taipa, Macau


Lord Stow’s Café – Macau

after finishing the egg tarts.. we walked around the corner to Lord Stow’s Café … to eat again!

not Portuguese egg tarts but cheesecake!

ordered the regular cheesecake…. it was really smooth, not over-the-top cheesy… loved it so much i bought takeout!

and the blueberry cheesecake…it was a bit too sour for my liking…

Lord Stow makes amazing desserts..and it makes the trip out to Coloane all worth it!


Lord Stow’s Café

Largo Do Matadouro, Coloane Village, Macau