The Gardener’s Cottage – Edinburgh

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with all things Scottish ever since Outlander entered my life.. to the point I just have to visit the Scottish highlands.  So this year, I planned to visit Scotland before heading to Scandinavia.

Royal Mile

The most anticipated meal in Edinburgh was a 7 course dinner at The Gardener’s Cottage.  When I was researching, I saw that it has a lot of good reviews and recommendations.

It really is a stone cottage and has vegetables growing in the gardens!

The 7 courses tasting menu is more like a tapas meal because the portions are really small.Pinecured trout, BBQ rhubarb mayo carrot, wild garlic.….

BBQ asparagus, fresh cheese….

Rabbit, tomato, smoked mushroom, salsa….

Cod, clams, leek, ricotta and wild garlic agnolotti.…..

Seeded sponge and mousse…..

Scottish cheeses…… I don’t like cheese so it took me forever to finish this…
Chocolate and hazelnut with mint ice-cream….

Petit-four with Scottish shortbread.

We were a bit disappointed with the meal because none of the dishes really stood out.  Even though the setting was homey and cozy, the service was a bit distant and cold.  I think this restaurant is more hyped than it should be….


The Gardener’s Cottage

1 Royal Terrace Gardens, London Rd, Edinburgh EH7 5DX, United Kingdom

Phone:+44 131 558 1221

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