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Iguazu Falls – Argentina / Brazil

From Buenos Aires, we flew to Puerto Iguazú.  We only had 28 hours to see the Iguazu falls from both countries.  We went straight from the airport to the Argentinian side of the falls, left our backpacks at the entrance, and spent the day being in awe of the beauty of one of the world’s New Seven Wonders of the World.

The view from the Argentinian side…  we were so close to the falls that we got all wet!

That afternoon, we took a bus from the falls to the city center, then switched to a cross-border bus which took us to Brazil!  We went to the Cataratas JL Shopping Mall for currency exchange and had dinner at the food court.  It’s like the food court in North America… cause it has Asian Wok!

I’ve never been that excited to see Asian food, let alone mediocre unauthentic Asian fast food.. but since all I’ve been eating is chicken and pizza, this is a wonderful surprise! While my friends were walking around the food court to look at options, I gravitated towards the Asian WOK. I picked fried noodles, sauteed beef and vegetables and fried rice.  This was a ripoff at $8 USD! Even though it tasted pretty bad, I was beyond happy to find Asian food and was extremely satisfied!

The next morning, we went to the Brazilian side of the falls.  The views were breathtaking……. Never have I ever seen such grand waterfalls scenes.  It’s was worth flying there just to see the falls for a day!


Cataratas JL Shopping Mall in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

A day of Evita and football @ Buenos Aires, Argentina

We had a day full of Argentinian flavour…. Evita and football game!

Plaza Mayor with Casa Rosada in the background…. This is where Evita Perón, the former first lady of Argentina, made her famous speeches from the balcony to the crowds in the plaza….

I remember watching the Evita movie (starring Madonna) when I was a kid… so whenever I see any Evita references in Argentina.. I belted out the song “Don’t cry for me Argentina”!

After walking around the bohemian Palermo, we went into a random grocery store to buy lunch and ended up getting pies….. which we ate at the botanical gardens…

my spinach and egg pie…. really good…been skipping on my vegetables on this trip.. this more than makes up for it!  Lots and lots of spinach!

one of my friends had the ham and cheese pie

Since we were in the neighbourhood, I really wanted to visit the Evita Museum…..

The boys didn’t want to go because they were anxious to go to the FC River stadium to get football tickets.  We turned around to leave when this lady asked why we aren’t going inside. I told them about the boys and she sighed, shook her head and said something about how “boys will be boys.. always about football and not about history etc..”  I guess the boys were a bit embarrassed and they graciously allowed us to go for 15 minutes!

Unfortunately, we only spent 20 minutes at the museum because the boys were anxiously waiting outside… I wish I had more time to spend at the museum because Evita’s life was so interesting.  I’m happy to see that most of the museum visitors are women.. yay for feminism!

We ended up going to the the River Plate vs. Colon game and buying the tickets from scalpers for triple the price (60 USD!!!)!   This match was more rowdy… even before getting tickets!  When the bus of the opposing team’s fans drove by, people started hurling rocks and bottles towards the bus.. over our heads! We also saw someone holding onto his bleeding stomach (stabbed???).  There were also police wearing tactical gear and herding people!   Anyhoo.. it was worth the experience cause it was totally different from my Barça game experience.


Un Altra Volta – Bueno Aires, Argentina

Continuing with my dulce de leche craze… all around Buenos Aires, I saw this gelato shop, Un Altra Volta, advertising 1/4 kg of dulce ice-cream for 16 Argentine Pesos, which is less than 3 USD!


There’s 5 different dulce de leches!  That’s how popular this flavour is in South America. We ended up choosing dulce de leche volta .. since it’s starred…

look at that gigantic styrofoam tub of 1/4kg of pure dulce de leche… the boys didn’t really eat much.. so basically I ate 1/3 of this.. Unfortunately, this ice-cream tasted more like caramel and I couldn’t taste the evaporated milk flavour….but still my craving was temporarily satisfied!


Un Altra Volta

Avenida Santa Fe 1826, between Av. Callao & Riobamba, Recoleta

Argentinian steak @ Buenos Aires, Argentina

From Bolivia, we flew to Buenos Aires, home of football legends, Evita, tango and steak!

Our flight was at 7am (skipped breakfast), arrived in Argentina in the afternoon (skipped lunch) and did some sightseeing before dinner.  At this point, it was almost 9pm and I was starving!  This was the first time in 10 days that I had an appetite and did not diarrhea… so this called for a celebration.. with an Argentinian steak dinner!

The hostel recommended Gran Parrilla del Plata… which,  from researching now, is pretty popular, has a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and would be considered the foodie highlight of this trip!

Look at the environment! It’s the most posh of our trip! haha

bife the chorizo (sirloin steak)……. that is double the normal size of steak!  It looks perfectly grilled!

steak condiments…  chimichurri is the sauce used for grilled meats and it’s made of chopped parsley minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and vinegar.

The steak was grilled perfectly and had a lot of flavour.. however, the steak was really tough.  Bife de chorizo is supposedly the best cut already.. but it was so hard to chew.

We could pay US dollars at this restaurant, so this steak was 13 USD only! Such a good price for steak!  The conversion rate at the restaurant was way better than the bank!

The 2nd time we had a steak dinner was our 4th and last night in Buenos Aires.  We bought tickets to see a tango show and found a parrilla (recommended by Lonely Planet) near Calle Florida in the city center.

Each steak came in a set with salad and bread.. but since this is a no-fuss, hole-in the-wall grill… I decided to not have the risky salad…

bife ancho …. once again, it’s grilled perfectly.. but the meat was sub- par… lots of tendon…so hard to chew!

tango show at the Centro Cultural Borges… There’s tango shows everywhere in Buenos Aires but we chose the one at the cultural center because it’s more authentic and economical.  The more elaborate shows come with dinner and it’s quadruple the price!


Gran Parrilla del Plata

Chile 594, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
Phone:+54 11 4300-8858

Parrilla al Carbón

Lavalle 663, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
Phone:+54 11 4328-0824