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Ivar’s Fish Bar – Seattle

My friends and i took a one day trip down to the US and we did a bit of the usual sightseeing in Seattle.  After checking out Pike Market we walked down the the waterfront and had lunch at Ivar’s Fish Bar.

Eating at Ivar’s is always such an heart-pounding experience for me because if I sit outside to enjoy the pretty seaview, my food and I would get attacked by seagulls and their poop. This time, my friends chose to sit inside the “shack” but it was really smelly!

I guess I haven’t been to Ivar’s for a long time because now on the menus, they have the calories written next to the prices!

I decided to have the chowder with the least amount of calories (300+), so I had the Red Clam Chowder… i didn’t like the tomato-y taste and the lack of cream!

my friends had the white clam chowder which was double in calories! I don’t know if I want to waste 600+ calories on a cup of “soup” but it’s sooo tasty!


Ivar’s Fish Bar

Pier 54
(between Madison St & Spring St)
Seattle, WA 98104