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One day stopover in La Paz, Bolivia

From Uyuni, we flew to La Paz (the capital for Bolivia and the highest capital city in the world) and had 20 hours before flying to Argentina.

We stayed The Adventure Brew B&B Hostel (which was on BuzzFeed’s 15 dream hostels) and it has free breakfast and 1 free beer!

pancakes with dulce de leche…

Dulce de leche is a rich and thick confection spread that tastes like caramel and condensed milk .  In South America, it’s THE spread to use on bread and pancakes but unfortunately, they don’t sell it in North America.  They had Dulce for breakfast during the salt flat tour but I didn’t try it since I still had diarrhea. In La Paz, I was still sick but was so tempted to try Dulce (since all my friends were spreading globs and globs of dulce) and gave in.  It was AMAZING.  I love to put condensed milk on toast but to have caramel and condensed milk together is HEAVEN!   I went crazy! For the rest of the trip, I gravitated towards all things dulce de leche.

 free beer at night!

We had a day to walk around the city and the most interesting spot was the Witches’ Market .

It looks like a regular market but look closely, the stores sell dried llama foetuses!

The dried  llama foetuses are used as an offering to the goddess Pachamama and are buried under the foundations of houses.

many clay figurines of Pachamama …..

When my friend and I were shopping at the market, the boys went to look for a place for lunch.  They came across this cool rustic looking restaurant, Le Pot Colonial.

The set lunch was pretty cheap @ 40 Bolivianos and it came with appetizer, main and dessert.

quinoa and vegetable soup, garlic bread and cocoa tea..

Sheperd’s pie.. worst ever..extremely watery.. with hardly any meat or potatoes…

The food here wasn’t good at all and took forever to come…..

We walked around some more…

Basilica of San Francisco

Palacio Quemado (presidential palace) @ Plaza Murillo… there was a event going on because there was a guard parade and a lot of media….

Cathedral @ Plaza Murillo

There’s actually not a lot to see in La Paz.. so we had an early dinner at Cafe Sol y Luna.  It has free wifi and an international menu.. Obviously, I chose something Asian!

I had the gado gado… the sauce was really spicy.. so basically I ate plain rice, eggs and vegetables..

FAIM? un peu….

The Adventure Brew B&B Hostel

Av Montes | 533, La Paz, Bolivia

Le Pot Colonial

Linares 906 | Belen, La Paz, Bolivia

Cafe Sol y Luna

Calle Murillo esquina Calle Cochabamba, La Paz, Bolivia

What I ate at Iquitos, Peru

We arrived at Iquitos the day before going into the Amazon.

Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle earlier in the day and couldn’t walk to dinner.  So I asked my friends to bring back anything that’s edible…..

the burger..extremely dry and salty.. .the meat tasted really weird…. but I like how they put in something like hickory sticks….

the bland, tasteless chicken sandwich…

the sauces for the burger and sandwich…. I was afraid of getting food poisoning so I didn’t add any……

After our Amazon trip, we went back to Iquitos and had time for dinner before catching our flight back to Lima.   We found this rotisserie restaurant that looked pretty clean.. and that was the  first chicken meal of the trip.  It turns out that frango (chicken), either grilled or fried, is a popular food item and what we ate the most in Peru…

this is a set with a 1/4 of a chicken, fries and fried rice!  The fried rice tasted Asian!  This was the first chicken meal….

Peruvian beer…

Our flight from Iquitos to Lima got canceled so we had an extra day in Iquitos.  We found a supermarket that serves really cheap meals…

microwave-cooked spaghetti with chicken….. for only 3.5 USD! it tasted really bland…..

FAIM? oui oui (not because it tastes good, but because I’m just hungry….)

Iquitos, Peru

la terrazza bar & grill – Hong Kong

My mentor and I met up for lunch and she suggested la terrazza bar & grill.  It’s the only upscale western restaurant around Sha Tin’s New Town Plaza/City Hall.

The restaurant is located on the roof of city hall and has a large expanse of outdoor patio.

Surprisingly, the restaurant was all full!

I ordered a hamburger (88HKD) which only came with a drink. I had to pay an extra 15HKD for soup and salad, but the portions were generous.

The hamburger wasn’t good at all.. the patty tasted weird.. and the bread was too fluffy…. The fries were thick cut.. and not crispy…

FAIM?  non non…

la terrazza bar & grill

Garden Roof, No. 1 Yuen Wo Road Shatin Town Hall, Sha Tin

Flavors Cafe & Restaurant – Kathmandu, Nepal

I read favorable reviews about Flavors.. reasonable food, free wi-fi, Western toilets with toilet paper and it became our breakfast and dinner spot!

It faces the Boudha Stupa, so like the locals, we walk a full circle around the Boudha.

What we ate at Flavours:

Nepali Potato (Potato cubes cooked in Nepali spices)… it was a bit too spicy..

sauteed vegetables with rice..

Chicken Sandeko..  again this was really spicy even when I requested for it not to be spicy… but my fam loved it and had this every night. I had the pita bread and love it cause it was served warm!

fried chicken… the chicken was overfried…..

Pizza (ham)…This is hands down one of the best pizzas I’ve ever head.. no kidding! I would never have thought it would be in Nepal! The pizza, baked in a clay oven, has thin and crispy bases and toppings that are full of flavour. We had 2 pizzas each night and each pizza only cost $3.8 CAD!

American Breakfast (2 eggs, sausage, toast)…the breakfast however, didn’t taste that good.. the toast was hard, the eggs were fully cooked and the sausage didn’t have any taste…

It’s great to see that both Flavors and The Bakery Cafe hire people with mild disability and speech and hearing impairments.


Flavors Cafe & Restaurant 

Boudha Stupa(Inner circle), Kathmandu,Nepal 01-4498748

ABC Kitchen – Hong Kong

Another dai pai dong in a wet market but this one serves Spanish food!

ABC Kitchen only has a few tables and it’s always packed!

warm bread

Squash soup

Spanish tapas…. 

seafood paella…


suckling pig

The food was pretty good and was relatively cheap @ 100 hkd per person!


ABC Kitchen

Shop 7, Food Market, 1 Queen Street , Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Tel: 9278 8227