Pizzeria Due – Chicago

Dinner the second night was deep dish pizza again.  This time, we tried Pizzeria Due  and was joined by our new friend, Zak!

Rewind! So after brunch at the Publican, we went to the Chicago Cultural Center to see if we can get a tour with a InstaGreeter.  Chicago Greeter is a service that matches visitors with a volunteer for a free 2-4 guided tour of the city.  I signed up too late and didn’t get matched.  InstaGreeter (1 hr tour) is offered on the weekends and requires no registration.  Anyhoooo, instead of a 1 hr tour of downtown, our InstaGreeter, Zak, took my family on a 7 hour tour!

So after visiting Hyde Park and University of Chicago, we bused back to River North for dinner.  Our first choice was Giordano’s but the line was 1 hr and 30 mins! Instead, we went to Pizzeria Due, where the line was shorter at 30 minutes.

Pizzeria Due is a block away from it’s mother restaurant Pizzeria Uno… love how their names are so literal!


numero uno (sausage, pepperoni, onions, peppers, mushrooms, chunky tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella & Romano) deep dish pizza… this had more toppings than Lou‘s  but the crust wasn’t as good.

a close up.. you can see there’s more topping, sauce and less cheese..

BBQ chicken (mozzarella, red onion, parsley, drizzled with citrus BBQ)….the bbq chicken topping was so delicious!

I actually preferred the dining experience at Pizzeria Due (compared to Lou’s).  The waitresses were so friendly and funny… they actually had a impromptu dance-off.. it was HILARIOUS.


Pizzeria Due

619 N Wabash Ave  Chicago, IL 60611, United States
+1 312-943-2400


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