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The Sugar Palm – Cambodia

For our last night in Siem Reap, we decided to try The Sugar Palm, which specializes in Khmer home-style cooking… it’s one of the “finer” khmer restaurants…

and we ordered…

cold coconut!!! and although it is fattening, it’s good for health..

crispy springs rolls (minced pork, prawns and vegetables wrapped in rice paper and fried)…. yumm! very crispy and thin wrapping

Khmer chicken satay with thick peanut sauce…. the meat’s not as tender as the ones @ Tropika..but the sauce was sooooooo good!

shrimp cakes….. the fried batter was a bit too thick…

pomelo salad….pomelo mixed with sliced pork, dried shrimp, mint and toasted coconut……fruit salad!!! yummm!

fish amok……steamed with a lightly spiced blend of coconut cream and green vegetables… this is my favourite version of amok.. unlike the other restaurants, this amok is made-to-order, so it takes 40 minutes… and another special thing about this is that it’s steamed inside a young coconut! in traditional khmer cuisine, amok is usually presented inside a coconut or wrapped in palm leaf…

Cambodian vegetable soup (with pork ribs)… this soup is really thick and hearty… sort of like an asian version of campbell’s chunky soup..

i love sugar palm!!! great Khmer food, great atmosphere and great service!


The Sugar Palm

Taphul Road

Red Piano – Cambodia

On the 2nd night, we went to the Pub Street for dinner! Our guide, Dara, recommended this popular restaurant/bar, Red Piano.

and it was happy hour! so we each got a free drink (when ordering an entree)!

yay for angkor beer!

for entrees, we  ordered:

stir-fried shrimps….very tasty.. maybe they used shrimp paste?

beef lok-lak… traditional khmer food…. sorta like cantonese stir-fried beef..except the beef is marinated with black pepper/lemon juice…. i like how they used lemon juice cause it gave my taste buds a fresh jolt!

amok!!!! this version is less “soupy” and more “coconutty” and more spicy (like curry).. so it goes well with rice!

Red Piano only has a few Khmer dishes because it also has western dishes like pasta……. the seats are more comfortable and they play great music.


Red Piano

Pub Street, Siem Reap

Khmer Kitchen Restaurant – Cambodia

After going to Shanghai, I went to school for a day and then off to traveling again! First stop…. Siem Reap, Cambodia!!

<i don’t have the shanghai photos on my netbook.. so the rest of the shanghai entries will have to come later!)

we decided to have Khmer cuisine in Cambodia, so the 1st night, we went to Khmer Kitchen Restaurant (across from the old market)…

as suggested by the guest services at La Residence D’Angkor, we had…

spring roll….it was ok…. too sour and spicy for my liking..

green mango salad…. very interesting… green mango is different from the yellow mangoes which i usually eat because the green mango is less sweet and more chewy….

Amok…. amok is my favourite Khmer dish!! It’s amok fish steamed in a coconut-based curry…..but not too spicy!

fried cashew with chicken… this tastes like cantonese-food! makes me feel like home!

bbq prawns… unfortunately, the prawns were tasteless…

great place for Khmer cuisine.. and the price is quite cheap! mostly 3.5-4USD per dish! but on the downside, like most of the restaurants in Siem Reap, there’s no air-con, just fans!


Khmer Kitchen Restaurant

across from the old market.. the tuk-tuk drivers will know!