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Hung’s Delicacies 阿鴻小吃 – Hong Kong

Hung’s Delicacies has 1 Michelin star and is famous for their marinated goose and other small dishes.

I actually visited at Hung’s last year but stupid me deleted the photos accidentally… so I had an excuse to go alllll the way to North Point to eat at Hung’s again (well.. the delicious food is also an excuse)!

Braised Assorted Vegetables with Red Marinated Tofu Sauce…

marinated duck wings….

marinated squid goose slices and pork belly with tofu…..

marinated tofu….. we ordered an extra plate of tofu because unlike other restaurant, this tofu is so soft and the tofu slices are a lot thicker…

marinated goose slices…..another plate because it was that good…

marinated eggs..

L: chicken leg tendon with sesame sauce… I never thought I would like chicken tendon but I quite liked the chewy texture… but I like all things marinated with sesame sauce! At first, they didn’t have this, but the boss lady gave us with this dish on the house! I think it wasn’t ready yet because the tendon didn’t taste cold enough….

R: chicken leg tendon with mustard sauce….  We only ordered this cause the sesame sauce version wasn’t available but this turned out to be surprising good! The mustard flavour worked well with the tendon and it was so refreshing cause it was cold!

Chua Lam’s Mix Noodle in Sauce…. The noodles are so fine and chewy and the  sauce has lard!!! No wonder this dish was so tasty!!!!


Hung’s Delicacies 阿鴻小吃

Shop 4, G/F, Ngan Fai Building, 84-94 Wharf Road, North Point

Tel: (852) 2570 1108