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Neyzen – Istanbul, Turkey

since we’re sort of on the topic of seafood,i visited something like a “sai kung” area in istanbul this summer… the seafood area is called kumpkapi and is located in the old city…

the street is a pedestrians-only, lined with numerous restaurants (with waiters trying to lure customers in) and filled with live music.. we went to Neyzen (and so it says on the dishes) and apparently, it’s one of the more famous and expensive ones…. hmm…..

turkish appetizers.. not really a big fan.. and i didn’t know what i was eating.. the only thing i like was the anchovies..

pan-fried fish…i was kinda fazed by the appetizers and then this appeared! i was so happy to have this as my entree because it’s like the fish i have at home! it’s panfried until the skin is crispy and the meat wasn’t too salty.. yumm!

turkish apple tea.… taste like warm apple juice.. and you add sugar to make it as sweet as you want.. i really liked it.. so the next day, i went to the spice market to buy a kg of apple tea!!



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