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Barraca do Uruguay @ Ipanema Beach Posto 9 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On the last day of our amazing 3 week trip, we had less than 12 hours to visit the remaining Rio sights, find a Neymar FC Santos jersey for my brother and eat at one of Anthony Bourdain’s recommendations.  It was a busy day!

We started off our last day with a tour of one of Rio’s 500 favelas.  Favela, the Portuguese term for slum, is often portrayed in the news as extremely dangerous (drug wars, shootings etc…) but we still wanted the local experience.  Our local guide took us to Rocinha,  Rio’s largest, most densely populated and urbanized favela.

We started with an exhilarating ride to the top on the back of a motorcycle!  We then walked back down through the alleys to experience life in the favela.

This is where they filmed Fast 5!

Because of the upcoming World Cup, Rochina is becoming pacified and even has a police post (in the past, there was no law enforced in the favela).

I was kind of surprised that we didn’t see any action during the tour (no drug dealings, no shootings).  It was like any normal neighbourhood… with extremely friendly people, kids playing soccer, neighbours watching television at a local convenience store…

These sweet girls wanted me to take a picture of them posing….so cute!  

Afterwards, we headed to Sugarloaf and basically spent most of the 2 hours lining for the cable cars up and down the mountain.

So not worth it.. plus the weather was really foggy.

For lunch, we headed back to Ipanema beach to try the sandwich stand recommended by Anthony Bourdain!

Bourdain says he visits this stand every time he’s in Rio!

I ordered the chicken sandwich…. this was still in my pre-chickenphobic days..

the chicken meat was shredded from the chicken thigh so it was very tender.  It tasted like the Cantonese soy sauce marinated chicken…  but then the herbs and vinaigrette gave it a little something special…so happy to have had this lunch on our last day…. this is our only foodie meal of this trip!

This concludes the rather long blog series about my foodie experience in South America…. and this blog post is blogged a day short of 1 year post- trip!  Even a year later, I still remember so much about this amazing trip made with the best of friends.



Barraca do Uruguay
Ipanema Beach Posto 9, Rio de Janeiro

Per Kg buffet – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One really great dining option that is everywhere in Rio is per kg buffet.  You can pick whatever you want at the buffet and is charged per kg… this is perfect for small eaters like me!

We chose Grill Inn because it also is has a churrascaira station.  Brazil is famous for  meat cooked in Churrasco style.. aka BBQ.  The meat is barbecued in a big skewer and you can request for cuts in any thickness.

Apart from the BBQ meats, there are also other hot dishes, pastas and salads.  There’s also sushi, but the price per kg is more expensive. The average price is R$ 3.50 – R$4.00 per 100 grams ($1.5 CAD).

We liked putting our receipts in order of price… and each time, the biggest eater turned out to be a surprise! But I’m always the 2nd lightest eater!

We ended up having 3 buffet meals cause we really like the variety of the food offered and how economical it was.  They should have more of these per kg buffets in North America and Asia because people waste less food if they have to pay by weight.


Grill Inn Churrascaria

Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana | 1182 lj B – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro 22070-012,Brazil

+55 (0) 21 2247 3993
Castelo Gourmet
R. do Carmo, 38 – Centro, Rio de Janeiro, 20011-020, Brasil ‎

 +55 21 2517-3586 ‎
Restaurante Temperarte
Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana – 1250, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 +55 21 2267-1149

Boteco da Praça – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From Santa Teresa, we cabbed back to Lapa for dinner and nightlife.

We wandered around and found this restaurant which served feijoada, Brazil’s national dish.

Feijoada is a slow-cooked stew made up of black beans and pork.

It came with rice, veggies, fried pork skin and some yellow bread crumb powder?

The fried pork skin tasted exactly like the Chinese version!  IMO, the bean stew was a tad too spicy.. while the meat was too tough…

ordered the national “pop”.. didn’t really like the taste…

FAIM? un peu..!!!

Boteco da Praça

Rua Imp. Leopoldina, 8 loja A

Tel: 2221-3413

Cultivar – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From our outdoor seating at Cafeico, we saw a lot of people lining up at this cafe across the street.  Obviously, I had to check it out!

Everyone was holding this cup of chocolate slushi? I asked what it was and apparently it was açaí, an Amazon super fruit with antioxidant properties.

açaí with granola… the customer behind me was kind enough to tell me to add granola… making this a super healthy snack! This was soooooo good! the cold slush with a berry taste (not too sweet) and the crunchiness of the granola.. perfect!  I ended up having 2 cups!!!  This was also the best açaí I had in Rio… I went açaí crazy after this and stopped at almost all the juice bars for  açaí, por favor… but those were all too artificial-tasting and too sweet. None could match the 2 cups I had at Cultivar 😦

everyone in line also bought some pão de queijo (cheese balls).. pretty good! warm and cheesy!

There wasn’t really much to do in Santa Teresa.. we walked around and found this amazing view of Sugarloaf mountain, Guanabara Bay and the nearby favela.



Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno 124
Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

Cafecito – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We did some sightseeing around the city center and then headed to Lapa to take pictures at the famous Escadaria Selarón.

The artist, Jorge Selarón, used over 2000 tiles to build this masterpiece!

I found a tile of FC Barça’s mascot….I saw the real human alter-ego at the Barça game!

Afterwards, we cabbed to Santa Teresa , the artsy hilltop neighbourhood.

It used to be accessible by the iconic yellow trams but has been suspended after a series of accidents.

We saw this really cool treehouse-like cafe and decided to take a break here to write postcards.

such quirky interior design!

ordered a guarana juice.. a fruit native to the tasted a bit bland..

FAIM? un peu!!!


Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno 121Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro 20240-290

Telefone 21 2221-9439