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Yang’s Fry Dumplings 小楊生煎館 – Shanghai

Even though I was already full from the decadent pure crab meat & roe soup dumplings, I could not ignore Yang’s Dumpling, which was directly across the street from Jia Jia.

Yang has completely redone it’s branding…

it’s so upscale.. when compared to its street-food origins…

yumm! my favourite shenjianbao!  crispy skin and lots of soup! I don’t know if I’m getting more health conscious but it seems to me the meat is a lot fattier than before….


Yang’s Fry Dumplings 小楊生煎館

97 Huanghe Road

Yang’s Fry Dumplings 小楊生煎館 – Shanghai

sad! Xiao Yang’s Wujiang Lu stall closed because of the area’s redevelopment, so it moved into a mall!!! It’s also on Wujiang Lu, but a couple of blocks to the west..

I’m not happy about the move because:

1. it’s not as authentic as eating in the alley…

2. the mall opens at 10am…. i usually have xiao yang as breakfast.. so now, i have to wait till 10am for breakfast.. which then screws up my entire eating plan for the day…. cause then.. lunch has to be pushed back till 1:30pm ish… afternoon snack to about 4pm ish.. and dinner to 8ish…..

3. well.. not really a big deal but it’s 0.5RMB more expensive!

nevertheless.. the shenjianbao is still as good!

the best shenjianbao in the world! crispy on the outside and a pool of fatty soup on the inside!!!!!!


Yang’s Fry Dumplings 小楊生煎館

2nd Floor, 269 Wujiang Lu

Huang Pu Hui Building, near Maoming Bei Lu

Yang’s Fry Dumplings 小楊生煎館 – Shanghai

near the four seasons is the Wujiang food street!!!! and within the food street is Yang’s Fry Dumplings(小楊生煎館)!!!

there’s always a line up.. especially when i go buy my breakfast..but the line up is a good thing because you’re sure to get piping hot sheng jian baos..

the sheng jian bao’s are steamed and then pan fried until the skin on the bottom is golden coloured and crispy..

the sheng jian bao is filled with juicy meat and soup (oil again) that oozes out!! and the bottom is so crispy!!!

plus! it’s really cheap! 4.5 rmb for 4 sheng jian baos!


Yang’s Fry Dumplings 小楊生煎館

60 Wujiang Rd., Shanghai

Sheng Jian Bao – Shanghai

while walking from Huaihai Middle Road back to the four seasons… we discovered this Sheng Jian Bao restaurant on shanxi road south..

we first went there 5 years ago.. and it’s still there!!

it’s apparently famous for their sheng jian bao because they’re made of river shrimp meat..

the sheng jian bao’s skin is really crispy on the bottom.. and there’s a pool of soup (oil) inside! and the meat is really sweet..

and my parents really like their soy milk too!


nameless sheng jian bao shop

29 Shanxi road (south), Shanghai