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Shan Loon Tse Kee Fish Ball 山窿謝記魚蛋 – Hong Kong

after a very short trip to oceanpark (2.5 hours including lunch), we taxied to aberdeen for the famous fish balls.  the most famous fish ball place is Shan Loon Tse Kee. used to be located in a hole on the side of a hill, hence, its name.

fried fish skin….quite good.. crispy and doesn’t taste fishy

fried beancurd wrap….crispy…but served warm (i like my food hot)..  not enough filling imo..

fish ball and fish ball slice rice noodle… . i had better fish balls before… the fish balls and fish ball slice weren’t bouncy (they were hard) and didn’t have any taste… the rice noodle wasn’t that thin and the soup base was bland…

i didn’t think it was that special to be worth a trek out to aberdeen..extremely overhyped…

FAIM? non non…

Shan Loon Tse Kee Fish Ball 山窿謝記魚蛋

80-82 Old Main St., Aberdeen

Tel: (852)2552-3809