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Waffle Yo – Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

After school on Friday, my friend and I went on a eating binge! We started off with an egg tart and then we went to Waffle Yo!

Waffle Yo’s name pretty much sums up what it offers: waffles, yogurt and also hot dog.  They should have named the store: Waffle Yo Dawg.

We ordered a fro-yo and waffle-on-stick to share.  The fro-yo is creamy (like Crumbs) and it’s served in a waffle cone! This is probably the first place in Hong Kong to serve fro-yo in a waffle cone! The cone was crispy but it wasn’t made to order.  The waffle-on-stick is crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside.  It’s served with whipping cream and either maple syrup, condensed milk, chocolate syrup or strawberry jam.

I think I’ll come back just for their waffles and then pop next door to Yogo for fro-yo!


Waffle Yo

112 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


La Yogueria @ Mercado de San Miguel – Madrid, Spain

While walking off the chocoate con churros, we happened upon Mercado de San Miguel, a market that is housed in a 19th century building.

I saw La Yogueria and needed to get my fro-yo fix!

The yogurt was the sour kind…yay! my fav!

Even Prince Charles and Camilla tried La Yogueria!


La Yogueria

Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid

Yofresco Frozen Yogurt – Las Vegas

We were walking around Fashion Show Mall and I saw a frozen yogurt shop!!!

I tried all the flavours before picking and they were quite generous with the tasting portions.

I picked: eurotart, cheesecake, coconut, strawberry.  The yogurt wasn’t too creamy nor icy. The eurotart was slightly more sour than normal and the coconut was too sweet. I usually like my fro-yo flavours to be plain (eurotart and taro) because other flavours taste too artificial.  But!!! the cheesecake fro-yo was so good! It tasted like cheesecake omg!


Yofresco Frozen Yogurt

Fashion Show Mall (next to Starbucks)
3200 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Smile Yogurt & Dessert Bar – Hong Kong

After the rice roll dinner, my foodie aunt decided to take me to Kowloon City for dessert.. the night turned out to be a foodie journey!

Smile is opened by Tony Wong (of Patisserie Tony Wong), who’s famous for his artisan cakes… but I have yet to try it…

We opted to sit at the dessert bar and have our dessert prepared on the spot! My aunt has been here a couple times and had seen Tony make the dessert personally; unfortunately, Tony made an appearance as we were leaving.  Also, the dessert offered at the bar is not available for take-away at the yogurt counter.

Dear Meringue (fresh fruit Pavola with Floating Island)… I love Pavola and this version was really good!  The meringue outer shell was very crispy! The creamy interior was sweet but the sweetness was balanced out  by the slightly sour passion fruit sauce! Another ball of meringue was floating on a pool of white chocolate sauce, which I used to dip the fruits in!

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate (Manjari Chocolate and Raspberry Dome with White Chocolate ice-cream and Warm Chocolate Milk) …. The chocolate dome was very rich, yet not overly sweet, and with a hint of fruitiness.  The ice-cream had a strong white-chocolate taste and could balance out the bitterness of the cake. The cup of chocolate milk was so rich, it tasted like melted chocolate! Yumm!

The cakes are so artistically presented (and delicious),it could give the high-end hotels and restaurants a run for their money! It was  so worth the $88HKD + 10% service charge.  I also wanted to try the yogurt but we decided to buy the yogurt takeaway because it is $10HKD cheaper than eating it at the bar!

The Garden yogurt (from the bottom,  strawberry meringue, yogurt,home-made crumbs, yogurt,  lychee rose sauce, yogurt, and topped with osmanthus jelly, passion fruit twister crunch and home-made raspberry pocky) .. … This yogurt was $45!! This is a lot more expensive than your standard $28-$30 cup of regular-sized yogurt.. but this was so worth it!  The ingredients used are top-notch quality and are not available at other fro-yo shops. The yogurt is presented artistically, with centrepieces of crisp & pocky and the yogurt is intertwined between the ingredients.  This cup of yogurt is a piece of edible art!


Smile Yogurt & Dessert Bar

65 Lion Rock Road, Kowloon City

Tel: (852) 2382 6669

Pinkberry – San Diego

As a self-proclaimed die-hard frozen yogurt fan, how could I not try Pinkberry.. the fro-yo that started the fro-yo craze?

PINKBERRY..why is it not pink?

there was a huge variety of toppings..

I guess I was too excited to be at Pinkberry that I couldn’t put together that a small (tart yogurt + toppings) meant UNLIMITED TOPPINGS.  When the staff asked me what toppings I wanted, I said mango.  Then, he asked me if I was sure. I said, “and blueberries.”  Only when he finished piling the toppings did it click to me that toppings were unlimited!

I felt so fulfilled.  Pinkberry is perfect.  The yogurt isn’t too frozen, too creamy nor too sweet.  Please open a branch in Hong Kong!!



207 5th Ave
(between K St & L St)
San Diego, CA 92101