Churro Borough – Los Angeles

During the summer, there was a lot of hype about different ice-cream sandwiches and churro ice-cream sandwiches was one of it.

I love churro and ice-cream separately .. so I definitely had to visit Churro Borough when I was in Los Feliz.

Churro ice-cream sandwiches: vanilla custard (Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean) and Spanish latte (Zona rosa organic Central American blend espresso, condensed milk)…..

It was so difficult to eat this together as a sandwich, that I ate it deconstructed.  The churro was really good but the ice-cream was a bit too sweet.  This was a very interesting concept but truthfully speaking, it’s better just to look at it.


Churro Borough

1726 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States
Phone:+1 323-662-0341

Umami Burger – Los Angeles

Surprisingly, the cheapest direct flight from Vancouver to the states is to LA, so we made a quick 4 day trip to LA and Palm Desert.  First stop was Griffith Observatory!

City of Angels….

Since we were already near Loz Feliz, decided to try Umami Burger.

Umami burger : Parmesan frico, shiitake mushroom, roasted tomato, caramelized onions, umami ketchup

Truffle burger: truffle aioli, house truffle cheese, truffle glaze…..

I prefer the truffle burger as the taste is stronger… umami burger was a bit normal..


Umami Burger

4655 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States
Phone:+1 323-669-3922

The Lobster Trap – Toronto

I wanted to have another meal at Red Lobster but my mom’s friend said we should try Lobster Trap instead.

It’s a hole-in-the-wall seafood restaurant that’s a bit run down…..but the prices are a bit steep…

lobster bisque..

New England clam chowder

grilled lobster tail.….. look how huge it is! unfortunately, this was overcooked and was tough… such a waste….

Alaskan King Crab legs……. gigantic legs.. so yumms

I read that this place has been around for 30+ years but it seems like it has fallen off people’s radar.  There were only 2 other tables when we were there…..  I guess as an incentive to come back, they gave us a $50 credit note for next visit….


The Lobster Trap

1962 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M 4A1, Canada
Phone:+1 647-352-0680

Red Lobster

My trip would not be complete without Red Lobster…..  All the Vancouver locations are closed so I was estastic when I saw it in Ontario.

Ultimate feast: lobster tail, snow crab legs and shrimps..

Bar Harbour lobster bake: lobster tail, mussels, scallop, shrimp

Crab lover’s dream: snow crab and king crab legs….

Roasted Maine lobster bake….

Shrimp linguini alfredo..

I love Red Lobster because it’s seafood at a good price as each of the dishes were around $30.


Red Lobster

multiple locations in Ontario

Richmond Station – Toronto

For my only lunch in Toronto, I decided to continue eating through Canada’s Best restaurant list and picked  #42, Richmond Station.

It’s opened by a Top Chef winner and should be quite good…..

ginger beer..

quinoa salad… I think I can make this at home…

polenta fries… This is one of their most famous dishes but I’m not digging it.  The texture is weird and was quite dry….

smoked trout hush puppies… can’t describe the taste… was a bit funny too…

grilled summer vegetable sandwich with rosemary fries… a healthy alternative to a burger. loved the rosemary fries…

station burger…. really good juicy burger.. win!

peanut butter vibe…. all things peanut butter.. a bit too sweet

didn’t really like this meal.. the only good thing was the burger…..

hi toronto!

FAIM? un peu….

Richmond Station

1 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3W4, Canada
Phone:+1 647-748-1444


Big Smoke Burger – Toronto

We were at Yorkdale’s food court and apart from the normal food court fare (nothing I really wanted), there was a gourmet burger stand.  I googled right away and bingo, Big Smoke Burger is a specialty burger place from Toronto…

I ordered the famous Craft burger: sautéed mushrooms, rosemary garlic mayo, tomato, lettuce and handmade beef patty…. Pretty good.. the mushrooms and mayo made it special.. but I wish there was a bit more rosemary to the mayo…

strawberry shake… I think back then there was a $3 milkshake promo.. good deal!


Big Smoke Burger

Yorkdale Shopping Centre
Address: 3401 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6A 2T9, Canada


Cacao 70 – Ottawa

We weren’t full after dinner at town. so we decided to have dessert at Cacao 70.

Every item on the menu is chocolate… in heaven!

Hazelnut pizza with white chocolate sauce and fruits… It’s basically dough drizzled with chocolate..

Dark chocolate fondue with brownies, waffles and fruits

I was all chocolate-d out! After that, we went to watch the Parliament light show.

O Canada!


Cacao 70

53 William St #51, Ottawa, ON K1N 6Z9, Canada
+1 613-860-1991