Ramen Daruma – Fukuoka, Japan

My friend,who’s been living in Fukuoka for the past few years, recommended Daruma (instead of the bigger names Ichiran and Ippudo). There’s a Daruma outlet at Hakata station Deito’s mall, on the noodle street floor.

It looks pretty famous..

ordered their most popular ramen, which has all the toppings I love included… The soup wasn’t as strong flavoured as the others.. which is a deal breaker for me… so I prefer my Ichiran / Ippudo…


Ramen Daruma

Hakata Deitos 2F: Hakata Noodle Street Shop 1


Tel: 092-475-8233


Karato Ichiba Fish Market – Shimonoseki, Japan

To make use of the car, we drove all the way up from Kumamoto to Shimonoseki on the main island, Honshu.

Shimonoseki is known as the fugu (pufferfish) city as it is the largest harvester and exporter of fugu in Japan. Fugu, considered as a delicacy in Japan, is one of the most poisonous vertebrates in the world and has to be prepared by specially-trained chefs.

We went to Karato Fish Market for lunch and you can see the cute pufferfish everywhere.

There were soooooooooooooo many people in the market.. and this photo only shows one row of stalls…What is different at this market is that you can pick your own sushi and it charges per nigri (ranging from 300 to 500 yen).

fried pufferfish and squid….

prawn tempura

I kept picking and eating.. repeated that at least 5 times….

Obviously there’s a lot of fugu sold at the market..

I had 2 plates! fugu soup.. so flavourful!

Outside the market, there’s macha ice-cream shop!


Karato Ichiba Fish Market

Address: 4-11-39 Hikoshima Nishiyamacho,Shimonoseki 750-0093, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Tel: +81 832-67-8181


Katsuretsu Tei 勝烈亭 – Kumamoto, Japan

Even though Kumamoto is famous for horse, we decided to stick to pork…

On Tabelog, I found the highest ranked tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant, Katsuretsu Tei.

We each ordered the Kurobuta tonkatsu set…

not too marbled compared to Maisen… but still very tender..

An above average tonkatsu meal @ 2500 yen but nothing too spectacular…

Kumamon, Kumamoto’s official mascot, who is surprisingly famous overseas as well…


Katsuretsu Tei  勝烈亭

熊本県熊本市中央区新市街8-18 林ビル 1F

Tel: 096-322-8771

Ramen Akagumi ラーメン 赤組 – Kumamoto, Japan

From Kurokawa, we drove to Kumamoto and along the way, we stopped in Aso for the volcano. It’s the largest active volcano in Japan and has one of the largest caldera’s in the world.

By the time we parked the car and walked a minute, the volcanic fumes went to an unacceptable level and we had to evacuate.  We didn’t even get to walk to the caldera!

evacuation lady got kinda made at me cause I was dragging my feet while taking photos…

We arrived in Kumamoto in time for lunch and ate at a highly rated (according to Tabelog) ramen joint.

Kumamoto ramen is a bit different from Kyushu style as the broth is a bit lighter.

fried chicken

Kumamoto Castle!


Ramen Akagumi ラーメン 赤組

7-29 Kamitori-cho | Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture 860-0845, Japan


Street Eats – Kurokawa, Japan

Kurokawa is a way smaller town then Yufuin so there weren’t that many street-eats.It’s mostly just onsen ryokans and a few shops..

We passed by a bakery, caught a whiff of baked goods and butter and was lured into getting a cream puff!

Also.. the onsen water is supposedly beneficial to health.. .but I don’t get how soaking beer bottles in it helps… just a gimmick!

Street Eats @ Kurokawa, Japan

Yumerindo Hanadomari 夢龍胆 花泊まり @ Kurokawa Onsen, Japan

After Yufuin, we headed to Kurokawa to take a dip in its famous onsen (hot spring).  We stayed at Yumerindo Hanadomari, a ryokan with own private in-room onsen.

private onsen! 

The nightly rate per person includes both dinner and breakfast! We were highly anticipating the meals because this ryokan has high ranking for its food.

private dining room

Our menu… unfortunately, can’t read it..

shochu.. a Kyushu island specialty, distilled beverage  made from barley, buckwheat, sweet potato and rice..

I wasn’t too sure of what I ate.. but it all tasted very delicious and were so ornately presented…

horse sashimi….Kurokawa is in Kyushu’s Kumamoto prefecture, which is famous for horse meat.  I had horse sashimi before at Guu, so I wasn’t really shocked. It’s not too gamey and kinda chewy. I think you’re eating this for its texture.

kurobuta pork…..

wagyu beef

kind of disappointed that the dessert wasn’t Japanese….

we went back to our room and found grilled rice balls!! such a great midnight snack!

we also had our B-speak roll from earlier…

The next morning, they set up the breakfast in our room.  That was probably the heaviest breakfast I ever had (not including breakfast buffets).  Such a big spread! and so colourful!


Yumerindo Hanadomari  夢龍胆 花泊まり 

6564 -1 Manganji, Minami-Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto

所在地:〒869-2402 熊本県阿蘇郡南小国町満願寺6564-1


Street Eats – Yufuin, Japan

After eating B-Speak‘s roll cake in the car, we walked around this charming hot spring town.  Apart from onsens, there’s also art galleries, cafes, boutiques, mountains and lake.

Lake Kinrinko

We also ate our way through town…

Snoopy Cafe… so kawaii!

green tea mochi… super soft…

Wagyu beef BBQ skewers… 500 yen only! Unfortunately, this was really tough.. not Wagyu.. ripoff

We passed by this bakery, Milch, and stopped because of the fragrant smell of cheese.

cheescake (cold and hot)…. both versions were delicious and so rich.. but the hot version was so amazing cause it was piping hot!

caramel milk custard… creamy, rich and so smooth! I love the little container it came in so much that I kept two of it!


Street eats @ Yufuin, Japan