Street Eats – Kurokawa, Japan

Kurokawa is a way smaller town then Yufuin so there weren’t that many street-eats.It’s mostly just onsen ryokans and a few shops..

We passed by a bakery, caught a whiff of baked goods and butter and was lured into getting a cream puff!

Also.. the onsen water is supposedly beneficial to health.. .but I don’t get how soaking beer bottles in it helps… just a gimmick!

Street Eats @ Kurokawa, Japan

Yumerindo Hanadomari 夢龍胆 花泊まり @ Kurokawa Onsen, Japan

After Yufuin, we headed to Kurokawa to take a dip in its famous onsen (hot spring).  We stayed at Yumerindo Hanadomari, a ryokan with own private in-room onsen.

private onsen! 

The nightly rate per person includes both dinner and breakfast! We were highly anticipating the meals because this ryokan has high ranking for its food.

private dining room

Our menu… unfortunately, can’t read it..

shochu.. a Kyushu island specialty, distilled beverage  made from barley, buckwheat, sweet potato and rice..

I wasn’t too sure of what I ate.. but it all tasted very delicious and were so ornately presented…

horse sashimi….Kurokawa is in Kyushu’s Kumamoto prefecture, which is famous for horse meat.  I had horse sashimi before at Guu, so I wasn’t really shocked. It’s not too gamey and kinda chewy. I think you’re eating this for its texture.

kurobuta pork…..

wagyu beef

kind of disappointed that the dessert wasn’t Japanese….

we went back to our room and found grilled rice balls!! such a great midnight snack!

we also had our B-speak roll from earlier…

The next morning, they set up the breakfast in our room.  That was probably the heaviest breakfast I ever had (not including breakfast buffets).  Such a big spread! and so colourful!


Yumerindo Hanadomari  夢龍胆 花泊まり 

6564 -1 Manganji, Minami-Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto

所在地:〒869-2402 熊本県阿蘇郡南小国町満願寺6564-1


Street Eats – Yufuin, Japan

After eating B-Speak‘s roll cake in the car, we walked around this charming hot spring town.  Apart from onsens, there’s also art galleries, cafes, boutiques, mountains and lake.

Lake Kinrinko

We also ate our way through town…

Snoopy Cafe… so kawaii!

green tea mochi… super soft…

Wagyu beef BBQ skewers… 500 yen only! Unfortunately, this was really tough.. not Wagyu.. ripoff

We passed by this bakery, Milch, and stopped because of the fragrant smell of cheese.

cheescake (cold and hot)…. both versions were delicious and so rich.. but the hot version was so amazing cause it was piping hot!

caramel milk custard… creamy, rich and so smooth! I love the little container it came in so much that I kept two of it!


Street eats @ Yufuin, Japan

B-Speak – Yufuin, Japan

Back in May, we went on a 6 day road trip in  Japan’s Kyushu island. We rented a car from Fukuoka and drove around the northern/mid part of the island.  Our first stop was this quaint onsen (hot spring) town called Yufuin.  As we were heading to another onsen later that day, we spent our time in Yufuin sightseeing and eating.

The most famous food there is B-Speak’s cream roll cake.

B- Speak is so popular that it usually gets sold out before the afternoon.  We got there before it opened at 10am and the line was already around the corner.

We ended up buying 1 large size vanilla cream roll cake and 3 minis: 2 vanilla and 1 chocolate.  There wasn’t a place to sit and eat.. so we ate in the car.

As usual, the Japanese wrapping and packaging was so intricate.. so many layers to reveal!

the fluffiest cream cake! and the cake with the butteriest and creamiest taste and smell! No other roll cake can compare to this! My dad, who originally said “roll cake is roll cake.. it’s just the hype,” loves it so much that to this day, is reminiscing about this cake.

The chocolate was good.. but not as buttery as the original…



Address: 3040-2 Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu, Oita Prefecture 879-5102, Japan
Tel::+81 977-28-2166

Emeril’s Orlando

We were in Orlando during last year’s Orlando Magical Dining Month (September).  It’s 33 USD for a three-course, prix fixe dinner at some of Orlando’s most famous/expensive restaurants.  The only restaurant that caught my eye was Emeril’s. I grew up watching Emeril on the Food Network so in my eyes, he’s the first ever celebrity tv chef.

Emeril’s is located at Universal’s CityWalk so it’s a perfect place for dinner after a day at the Park.

Emeril only visits the restaurant about once a year.. no such luck that day!

the corn bread on the right was AMAZING….so soft and buttery, served warm… so delicious! It reminds me a bit of scones.. The server was nice enough to keep giving me refills!

FRESH GULF CEVICHE (Fresh local fish, cilantro, lime, chilis)…. There was a lot of ceviche compared to the tortillas.

GULF OYSTER BISQUE (Crème fraiche, spinach, bacon)

Unfortunately, I lost the photos of the entrèes.  We each ordered a different entrèe:

Mussels & Frites (White wine, tomato, sausage, hand cut fries, aioli)

Roasted Salmon (Saffron risotto, chorizo, fennel, tomato broth)

Stadler Farm Chicken Breast (Andouille & potato hash, tempura onion, sweet barbecue sauce)

Each entrèe had a very large portion…like a regular sized portion.  Both the Vancouver Dine Out and Hong Kong Dining Week portion are like sample-size…so you get your value at Emeril’s!  All the dishes were flavourful and fresh, with a great presentation.

bread pudding….

some famous house dessert….

Loved Emeril’s!!! Good value for the quality! We got a real deal here during the month of magicial dining..


Emeril’s Orlando

 6000 Universal Blvd #702, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Phone:+1 407-224-2424

Three Broomsticks @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

From Diagon Alley, we took the Hogwarts Express (yes, we were on Platform 9 and 3/4) to Hogsmeade! With some theme park magic, we actually ran straight into the wall between platforms 9 and 10.

After a quick 5 minute ride, we were in Hogsmead!

We had lunch at the Three Broomsticks, which had another true to book/movie fantasy, interior and exterior decor.

frozen butterbeer! I ordered it in a souvenir mug.  Sad to say.. I don’t like butterbeer… it tasted like frozen cream soda with a layer of cream on top…..

We also ordered fish and chips.. but it was meh….

After lunch, we were off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!!!!

FAIM? un peu…

Three Broomsticks @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Leaky Cauldron @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I am a big big big Harry Potter fan so the main reason for this year’s East Coast trip was to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We paid to stay a night at a Universal Studios hotel just so we get early admission into Diagon Alley…. that’s an extra hour before other fans!  No words can describe how amazing it feels to enter the dream book world I have been fantasizing since I was a kid.

Daily Prophet..

Ollivanders.. sadly, I wasn’t picked for the wand show…

Gringotts Bank! I exchanged 50USD for 50 dollars of Wizarding bank notes. These could be used in any stores or restaurants in the Wizarding World.

We kept one $10 wizarding money to bring home ….. basically, we paid $10 for a piece of paper that has zero monetary value in the real world…

We ate lunch at Leaky Cauldron! In the books, Leaky Cauldron is a famous wizarding pub and inn.

There’s an actual cauldron that has a crack.. hence, leaky cauldron!

I tried the pumpkin juice… pretty good.. didn’t taste like pumpkin though…

mini pie combination (fisherman’s pie and cottage pie) with salad…. the pies were pretty delicious..very creamy with lots of stuffing…


Leaky Cauldron

Diagon Alley @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Universal Studios Florida