Yolk’s – Vancouver

I think I brunched too much this trip back.. yet I still had to try Yolk’s, a food truck that became so famous, they opened a restaurant.

Bacon Eggs Benedict with truffle lemon hash brown instead of English muffin…. This was different only because of the added truffle lemon flavour onto the potatoes.  I was a tad disappointed that it was potato wedges and not actually hash brown…

chicken and waffles…. not really into chicken but the waffles and the maple syrup sauce was pretty good….



1298 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 1S6, Canada
+1 604-428-9655

Flying Pig – Vancouver

I was actually looking forward to trying the brunch at Flying Pig.  I tried dinner in their Yaletown location last year and was pretty decent.  This brunch, however, was disappointing in so many ways.  The server we had was disengaging and was only enthusiastic when trying to get us to order more drinks and side dishes…………..

The rest of the family ordered cappuccino and it wasn’t brought out immediately because our server was drinking his morning cocktail…… strike one.

I ordered the organic fruit smoothie with expectations (because it was 5 CAD).  I was appalled to see that they were spooning the smoothie from a pre-made batch.  It was NOT what I had in mind for an organic smoothie….strike 2.  Look how small the glass of smoothie was…. To make it worse, after they gave me my smoothie, the servers at the bar were adding more juice from a carton to the pre-made batch… and then tasting it!!!!  So I guess my glass of smoothie wasn’t properly made….

the only decent thing at the brunch was this crispy hashbrown..

French toast with maple blueberry compote….. looks better than it tastes…

Pulled pork 4 cheese rigatoni….. bro said it was meh….

Hash special with pork and beans….. nothing special about this….. just chunks of unflavourful pork with potato wedges…..

smoked salmon benedict….. the smallest portion of salmon ever… and I’ve been to a lot of brunches… and see how watery the hollandaise sauce was….

strike three and the flying pig is out….  really, I don’t think I’d ever be returning……

FAIM? non non…

The Flying Pig

127 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1B8, Canada
+1 604-569-1111

Acme Cafe – Vancouver

When I was back in Van last year, Acme Cafe was pretty popular.  I tried their famous baked eggs benedict and didn’t find it to be too special.  I decided to give it another try this time……

I ordered the breakfast parfait (layers of yogurt, honey, homemade granola and fresh fruit with cinnamon toast) and this was the WORST parfait ever! The yogurt was extremely watery to the point I was worried I would get sick after…..

my friend ordered the mac n cheese which was ok but the salad was soggy…..My other friend ordered the turkey sandwich with chips.… it was average..

I don’t think I would be returning to Acme any time soon……..

FAIM? non non…

Acme Cafe

51 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G4, Canada
+1 604-569-1022

Catch 122 Cafe Bistro – Vancouver

Another new brunch place I tried out was Catch 122.

We were a party of 7 so we had to wait an hour for a table!

duck confit poutine…..  the cheese wasn’t melted enough….

The dirty breakfast: duck fat toast, duck confit, sunny-side up eggs, house made maple beans and Yukon nugget potato hash….. love this! I could actually taste the duck fat in the toast!  I don’t normally eat beans but this was really good… slightly sweet from the maple…

Eggs Benedict with braised short ribs…..

eggs benedict with smoked salmon….

I like how all brunch items are 12 CAD…. a more economic brunch option in Gastown.


Catch 122 Cafe Bistro

122 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8, Canada
+1 604-731-3474

Tuc Craft Kitchen – Vancouver

It seems like every time I go back to Vancouver, more brunch places pop up!

One highly rated place is Gastown’s Tuc Craft.

We went on a long weekend and surprisingly, there wasn’t a lot of people!

iced chai tea blossom

crispy bacon and egg…. this was the highlight! bacon wrapped in onsen egg and fried.  inventive and delicious!

Pork belly crackling with red wine reduction… this was really good too.. I don’t think anything with pork belly would be bad…..


elevated diner (sunny side up eggs, pork belly crackling, sourdough toast, BC new potatoes)

okonomiyaki (traditional Japanese pancake, shredded pork, cabbage, bbq sauce, kewpie mayonnaise, bonito flakes)

berries and gauffres  fresh waffles, blueberry compote, cream cheese)….

Crispy Chicken & Waffles (free run chicken breast, savory waffles, dijon mournaise)…

The brunch options are a bit different from the traditional eggs benedict and the sides are interesting too…. definitely a place to return to!


Tuc Craft Kitchen

60 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1C9, Canada
+1 604-559-8999

Ask for Luigi – Vancouver

#98 on the Canada’s Best 100 list in Ask for Luigi, a restaurant specializing in pasta.  It seems like a lot of new restaurants are moving to Downtown Eastside,  even though the area has not completely been gentrified yet……

It doesn’t take reservations and if you don’t get the there half an hour before it opens, it’s usually a 2 hour wait after that.   So we got there 35 minutes before it opened and got a table!

We got a few appetizers and pastas to share:

octopus carpaccio… 


anchovies and eggs.... this was simple but good.. anchovies and salmon roe on onsen eggs… I want to attempt this at home!

Special pasta of the day : risotto with white truffle, corn and spicy sausage…. very flavourful and our unanimous favourite pasta of the night…

Special pasta of the day with vegetables…..very light.. tastes like spring…

Ricotta ravioli, olive tapenade and marinated tomatoes…. onto the more heavy-flavoured pasta…

Fusilli nero, calamari and nduja crumbs………..

Pappardelle and wild boar ragu……

We also ordered all their desserts…..olive oil cake… very simple yet delicious.. it’s like a warm pound cake….

panna cotta

chocolate budino…..

I would come back for another meal… if there isn’t such a long lineup!


Ask for Luigi

305 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1C4, Canada
+1 604-428-2544

Farmer’s Apprentice – Vancouver

#72 on the list of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants is Farmer’s Apprentice, a restaurant specializing in farm-to-table.

We went for brunch and there was a lineup even before it opened!

Smørrebørd: dry-aged beef tartare, gribiche and sea asparagus / cucumbers, fresh cheese, black pepper, herb salad and soft boiled egg / smoked cod rillette, potato, radish and dill….  This is the Scandanavian type of open-faced sandwich…   interesting toppings and it looks so pretty!Albacore tuna, heritage peppers, grilled onions, soft boiled eggs…. this is mostly like a salad…

Octopus, sieglinde potatoes, corn, jalapeño, poached eggs…. a salad again! the corn tasted really sweet.. totally from farm and not canned!

Berkshire and tamsworth pork biscuit sandwich, FA sauce, fried egg… love the biscuit! very buttery like a scone.

The brunch offering at Farmer’s Apprentice was a bit different from the normal brunch joints, making it a standout!


Farmer’s Apprentice

1535 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1R1, Canada
+1 604-620-2070